20 Exciting Things to Do After Christmas to Keep the Holiday Spirit

PP Things To Do After Christmas

So, Christmas has come and gone. Maybe you’re still in a food coma, recovering from Christmas activities or you’re overwhelmed by spending so much time with family. This should stop you from doing things the day after Christmas!

Here are 20 fun things you can do after Christmas Day to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

1. Take Advantage of the Boxing Day Sales (In-Person or Online)

It’s time to spend the money your family gave you! The best holiday sales start on Boxing Day. Get your steps up and visit your favourite stores in-person, or check out all the online deals. Think about your bank account later.

Don’t just look for material gifts. Invest into a fun experience like Pinot & Picasso! With painting classes for all ages, a talented artist will guide you through your chosen artwork to help you create a masterpiece ready to hang up in your living room… or The Louvre!

You’ll be wishing you put it on your wish-list to Santa.

Take Advantage of the Boxing Day Sales (In-Person or Online)

2. Hit up the Movies

Some of the best movies of the year are released the day after Christmas. From blockbuster movies, laugh-out-loud comedies, or inspiring biopics, you can watch a new movie with the kids or your friends.

Many families may be thinking the same, so be sure to book your tickets in advance. Avoid the queue at the cinema – thank us later!

Going to the movies

3. Have Another Party! (But More Relaxed This Time…)

Still in the holiday mood? Santa has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating.

Get your friends and family together to celebrate the end of the year, or the new year. With this hot weather, why wouldn’t you want to keep the party going?

Leftovers is a certainty, so you could invite friends and family over for a leftover party. You can serve it all in a similar fashion to a Christmas Day or you can make it more casual.

New Year’s Eve is a perfect way to celebrate the end of the year and the start of 2023. Host a house party with a variety of drinks and food. You could always make it a themed event too – we’re talking costumes and another way to use the holiday lights to decorate the house.

Have Another Party But More Relaxed This Time

4. Plan Your Expenses For The Next Year

This awkward week between Christmas eve and the new year is the great time to sit down and think about where you should spend your money for the future.

Planning for the new year can be fun, we promise! Jot down some ideas like maybe attending a Pinot & Picasso session or celebrating your birthday at your own private paint and sip party? It’s definitely a fun way to tick something off your Christmas bucket list. Find a session near you.

Plan Your Expenses For The Next Year

5. Play Around With All the Presents You Got for Christmas

Merry Christmas to you indeed, look at all the presents you got from Santa! Allow yourself some time to enjoy your gifts the day after Christmas and throughout the holidays.

It’s just like being a kid again and being excited to play with toys. Even if it’s a new coffee machine or a vacuum cleaner, if you asked for it, have fun with it!

Opening presents

6. Set Your New Year’s Resolutions

Are you a person who likes to plan for the future or feel like you have your life in order? We can’t relate, but now is the time to set your New Year’s resolution.

Most common New Year’s resolutions are losing weight, exercising more, learning a new skill or getting organised (maybe this is your first step!), but we reckon you should think outside the box.

Find something that works for you. Start small and tick off those goals. This will help you not give in come the first weekend of January.

Set Your New Years Resolutions

7. Experiment With Some Leftovers or Try a New Recipe

Leftovers and Christmas food. Name a more iconic duo.

If you’re still not full, after Christmas, have some fun with your leftovers by creating a new dish or finding a recipe online.

Taste.com.au has a page dedicated to Christmas leftovers. They have 198 recipes currently in this collection. Check out the recipes here.

Experiment With Some Leftovers or Try a New Recipe

8. Be a Stranger in Your Own City

With weather this good, be sure to go out and about in your town or city this holiday season. Catch a train or bus into the city and just explore.

Go to venues or attractions you’ve always wanted to visit or restaurants you’ve been told by a family member to eat at. Visit local businesses and show your support by purchasing a gift. If you’re not sure where to go, just start walking.

Be a Stranger in Your Own City

9. Declutter Your House

Take down the festive decorations, ornaments and the Christmas tree, and put away the holiday cards and advent calendar. Cleaning your home during the holiday season is while daunting, definitely something

Cleaning your home ahead of next year has so many benefits for you like reducing stress, creating a nice environment and saving money – imagine buying stuff that you already have, but couldn’t find due to the mess?

We can guarantee the moment you walk through your front door after decluttering your home, you’ll be able to rest and feel the ultimate satisfaction!

Declutter Your House

10. Declutter Your Digital Life

A digital detox can be fun! Just like cleaning your home, decluttering your phone is a gift you can give to yourself.

Some simple tasks you can do are:

  • Clearing out your phone storage
  • Delete apps you’ve downloaded by never used
  • Export images and videos from the year onto your computer or hard drive for safe keeping
  • Clean you emails and messages inbox

You can also set yourself some boundaries for your digital life like reducing your screen time.

Declutter Your Digital Life

11. Donate Items That You No Longer Need

Start the new year with a bang, and a good deed! While cleaning your home, don’t throw away items. We recommend donating them!

From your clothes, winter woollies, kids toys, appliances and more, there are people out there who can use your items. Make someone’s day these holidays with this random act of kindness.

Donate Items That You No Longer Need

12. Pick a New Skill or Hobby to Learn

New year, new skill! Now is the perfect time to think about which fun skill you’d like to add to your repertoire. Impress your past self!

From sporting skills like ice skating and martial arts to creative hobbies like making ornaments or learning an instrument, there’s so many TikToks and tutorials out there in the world that you can watch and learn from. It’s the perfect way to impress others – be sure to add it to your dating profile.

Thinking of getting in touch with your inner artist? Our Pinot & Picasso sessions are guided by a talented artist who will make you feel like Van Gogh or Frida Kahlo, with a stunning artwork created by yourself.

Pick a New Skill or Hobby to Learn

13. Start a New Daily Habit to Keep Up

You may be thinking, isn’t a habit like a “skill” or “hobby”? Daily habits are week-to-week activities you can do that will benefit your wellbeing.

Some ideas are meal prepping for work, going for a walk every morning, getting enough sleep, and more.

Planning this in December and starting this new habit these holidays will have you feeling like the best version of yourself come next Christmas.

Start a New Daily Habit to Keep Up

14. Clear Out Your Social Media

Get rid of toxic energy these holidays by clearing out your social media accounts this December. Go through your profiles like a mini audit.

Unfollow people you don’t talk to anymore, and add new friends you’ve made throughout the year. You could even delete your content and start completely fresh.

Clear Out Your Social Media

15. Start an Indoor Garden

A new hobby for next year could be creating an indoor garden.

Starting an indoor garden has so many great benefits like:

  • Better control of the weather. No more winter blasts or sun shining on your plants!
  • Protection from nasty bugs. Pests will be around but you can have better control of this from indoors.
  • Educational. Get the kids involved and teach them about looking after plants or creating produce to eat.

So, not only is an indoor garden a great new hobby, you can decorate your home with your plants, creating a beautiful space.

Start an Indoor Garden

16. Book in a Restaurant You’ve Always Wanted to Go To

Many people like to catch up before Christmas at restaurants and bars, and this sometimes makes it hard to book into these venues.

Snag a booking in advance by booking into a place to restaurant after Christmas either in your town or the city. Trying new restaurants is a fun activity to do with family, friends or even the kids – depending on the place you want to eat at!

Book in a Restaurant Youve Always Wanted to Go To

17. Book In at High-Tea

Book a nice day out with your friends or family with a high tea. While high teas are a more fancy dining experience, it’s a perfect gift to give a loved one.

With delicious treats to enjoy, sipping on tea (or champagne!), it’s a fun thing to do with girlfriends after Christmas.

Some high teas welcome kids with open arms with more fun treats and even a hot chocolate they can enjoy.

Each major city has places where you can book a high tea. It’s only one Google search away!

Book In at High-Tea

18. Relax at the Beach or Park

It’s time to forget La Ninã and soak in the summer weather! Head to your local park with a good book and relax under a tree. Make it more of an outing with a picnic or a BBQ with the whole family.

Remember, you’re not in the north pole sipping on hot cocoa. Head to the beach and soak in the sun! With so many awesome beaches around the country, you have plenty of days to hit up different beaches this December. I bet Santa will be jealous.

Relax at the Beach or Park

19. Plan and Create a Scrapbook

Maybe you got a camera or a polaroid as a gift this Christmas? Put it to good use! Create a scrapbook of your summer memories or plan on making a 2023 scrapbook.

Even if you don’t have a camera, phones have great camera quality now. Be sure to mark your favourites and have each picture printed for your scrapbook.

Plan and Create a Scrapbook

20. Stay Home and Go on a Movie Marathon

There’s nothing like spending the night in watching movies back-to-back-to-back. With so many series like Harry Potter, Star Wars and Marvel, you can spend countless hours watching box office films with the kids, your friends or even just yourself.

Stay Home and Go on a Movie Marathon

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do People Do the Day After Christmas?

Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated the day after Christmas, occurring on the second day of Christmastide (26 December). Though it originated as a holiday to give gifts to the poor, it is primarily known as a shopping holiday.

What Can I Do Instead of Christmas?

Not a big Christmas person? That’s totally fine! That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the Australian summer and activities around your local area and in the city.


The Christmas activities shouldn’t stop you from having fun this holiday season. This December and January, our Pinot & Picasso studios are hosting fun paint and sip sessions for all ages. Bring the family along for some creative school holiday fun or enjoy a boozy night out with your best mates.

With so many incredible options available like Neon Nights and Decked Out, Pinot & Picasso is one of the most fun things to do post Christmas.

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