Top 20 Divorce Party Ideas to Kickstart Your Single Life

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Recently single? You’ve come to the right place. We understand this may be a stressful time in a person’s life, but it can also be a new chapter in one’s life.

Say hasta la vista baby, and find all the inspiration for your very own divorce party here.

What Is a Divorce Party?

First things first, let’s breakdown (no, not tears!) what a divorce party is. Divorce parties is when one celebrates the end of their marriage or union with a once significant other in their life.

A divorce party is not all doom and gloom. It can be a toast to a new life or a new chapter of your journey in the wild quest for love. Now, let’s take that wedding ring off and see which party ideas suit you.

Divorce Party Themes

Some of the best divorce party ideas starts with a theme. For your divorce party, create a vision board to get your party planning off to the best start.

Some popular themes include happy trails, but you can be as creative as you like with a theme.

10 Divorce Party Ideas for Women

Divorce Shower

You might be thinking, is this like a bridal shower or baby shower? Simply, yes! A divorce shower are all about celebrating the exciting next chapter post divorce. This idea is a great way to cheer up a friend who may be a little down in the dumps, no thanks to an ex.

For a divorce shower, you can invite best friends, family and other important guests that will help you celebrate and move onto your next chapter. Future you will be so grateful!

Burn the Wedding Dress

Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds. Sometimes burning belongings of your ex husband can represent a new beginning, so why not start with the wedding dress?

Get some lighters, your dress and a bin (channel that episode from Friends where the girls burn their exes item), and get the fire burning. Be sure to have a fire extinguisher on site!

Chic Cocktail Party

One of the fun ways to celebrate being happily divorced is with a cocktail party at a friends house. You can shake and stir signature cocktails inspired by the husband – talk about a theme!

Have each guest create their own cocktail mix to serve. There is some great inspiration on TikTok.

Chic Cocktail Party

Have a Spa Day

Hello self care. A spa day is the ultimate way to rest and reset. You can enjoy a massage, facial and other relaxing treatments solo or with your best friends.

Go to a Karaoke Bar

A night out at a karaoke bar is a fun divorce party idea. Most of us need some liquid courage to get up on stage and perform in front of friends and strangers, and forget all the bad times. Singing a break-up anthem by powerful women will never go out of style.

Do a Paint and Sip Class

If you want the perfect divorce party idea, a paint and sip class could be just what you’re looking for. At Pinot & Picasso, you can book out an entire studio to your group and celebrate the newfound freedom with a 3 hour sip and paint party.

With so many artworks on offer, you can create a masterpiece that you’ll be proud of and even be able to hang in your home. You can even request a custom artwork for your event! Find a session near you.

Do a Paint and Sip Class

Listen to Classic Break up Tunes

Nothing quite says a fresh start like belting out some freedom anthems. Start your own dance party in your home by opening Spotify or Apple Music and connecting to a speaker.

A few artists we’d recommended singing along to are Taylor Swift (the queen of break-up anthems!), Kelly Clarkson, and Nancy Sinatra.

Go Out Dancing

Take your home dance party out to the clubs. Call up your closest friends and plan a fun night out with drinks, music and dancing to help you forget your marriage.

Have a Girls Weekend Away

Jump on AirBnB and start looking for the perfect house for a girls weekend away. Close friends always want to support each other during a stressful time.

You can make the whole weekend a party atmosphere, or it can be a relaxing time putting self care first.

Have an Adult Sleepover

Take it back to the old days and host a good old fashioned sleepover. A night in, watching movies, snacking on sweet treats & delicious nibbles and talking about life can be a fun way to say hasta la vista baby.

Have an Adult Sleepover

10 Divorce Party Ideas for Men

Axe Throwing

Sometimes getting rid of some pent up energy can be eased with a throw of an axe. Axe throwing is the newest activity that can be done with mates, like an escape room. Once you throw one, you’ll be stuck there until you hit the bullseye target.

Paint Ball

Turn off your gaming consoles and hit the paint ball field. Paint ball is a fun activity to do with the family or just your mates. Host a paint ball game with two teams – the trash talk is the funniest part!

Surf Trip

Why not learn a new skill to honor your divorce? Hit the beach for a surf trip. Whether you know how to surf or not, there’s something restorative about being in the big blue ocean. You can also hire surfboards but be sure to go to a surfing beach.

Surf Trip

Hit the Pub

A classic and simple trip with mates is to the pub. Gather your mates and head to your local tavern for a pub meal and sipping on your favourite beer. Who could say no to a chicken schnitty?

Go to the Races

One of the great divorce party ideas is heading to the race track with your mates. It’s hard not to be in a good mood when your dressed sharp in a suit and enjoying a day out with friends. There are many race meets around the country each weekend.

Boys Trip

Start planning a boys trip away. Invite those that you know can celebrate your future the best way.

Some popular ideas for a bro-cation include staying at the beach or heading interstate. Our top tip, find a place where you can do some fun activities and enjoy good food and drinks.

Go to the Footy

Footy, beers and your mates? What could be better! Attend a NRL match or even a local footy game that your friends could be playing in.

Go to the Footy

Take an MMA Class

One of the most watched sports at the moment is MMA. With many MMA gyms around, you can reach out to find out when their next class will be running (or kicking).

Go Camping

Go off the grid with a camping trip. Head to your local national park, pitch your tent and start the campfire. Getting in touch with nature is a great method of self care and breaking away from technology.

Rent a Boat

If you’re near the water, get on the water! You can do many things when you’re on a boat like fishing, waterskiing, swimming, sunbathing and more. Take the family out on the water or enjoy

How to Plan a Divorce Party

Now that you’ve got all the ideas, it’s time to start planning your divorce party. Divorce parties are all about the person doing through it. Here are some steps you can follow when planning your divorce party:

  1. Keep it intimate.
  2. Pick a theme or activity.
  3. Decide where to host the event.
  4. Send invites.
  5. Make sure your divorced mate has a smile on their face, and keep guests in check!


Should I Get a Gift for a Divorce Party?

A gift is a sweet way to show your support and care for a friend going through a difficult time. It doesn’t have to be a big gift – flowers, self care hamper, their favourite food, or chocolates for the sweet tooth. You know your pal best!

What Should I Wear to a Divorce Party?

Depending on the theme or the event will determine what your outfit should be. Our advice: don’t overthink it too much! You can always ask your friends about what they are wearing – our favourite way to decide.

What Makes a Fun Divorce Party?

Getting out of the house makes divorce parties more fun! Doing an activity like a paint and sip class or an escape room can help your mate forget about the stresses of a divorce and unwind with their guests.

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