The Ultimate List of Mother’s Day Ideas to Make Your Mother’s Day

Mothers day ideas

Mothers help the world go round! Every day mothers work hard to keep the entire family happy and healthy. It’s truly a full time job, and there’s not even overtime! That’s why it’s important to show your appreciation this year with the perfect mother’s day gift idea; regardless if it’s her first Mother’s Day, or the latest in a lifetime.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s easy to love your mum, but it might not be so easy to find the perfect gift for her. We’ve all been there, panicking over how to provide your mum with the joy she deserves; sometimes leaving it to the last minute, other times struggling to keep it budget friendly.

Give your brain a break from the stress and let us guide you through treating your mum on her special day. Whether it is simply quality time, or a highly sought after piece for her curated collection, there are plenty of gift ideas for any mum; even the fussiest ones!

Personalised Jewellery

A bit of glitz and glam is always appreciated by the ladies, and your mum is no different. While it would be easy to spoil her with some earrings that sparkle in any light, something more personalised may be more appreciated.

Personalised jewellery is common at most local jewellers, with necklaces boasting names in calligraphy, or offering engraving services. If you’re looking at the latter, keep your engraving ideas fresh and unique! Try engraving a quote from her favourite book, or write an inside joke that the two of you share.

Regardless, when you gift your mother that piece of jewellery engraved with a heartfelt message, she’ll feel like the most special person in the world.

Personalised Jewellery

A Nice Candle

Although it may seem simple, a candle can be a wonderful gift idea for a mother looking to add some atmosphere to her household. Shopping at local stores can reveal a huge range of specialised scents, as long as you take the time to go sniffing around.

The perfect gift for Mother’s Day may just be giving your mum something that smells like her childhood, a seaside getaway, or a bouquet of her favourite flowers. Good gift ideas do not have to break the bank, but they do have to suit your mother’s tastes. We don’t want her sniffling and sneezing when she lights that new candle!

A Nice Candle


Men aren’t the only ones who can give ladies flowers! Kick the conventional ideas of who gives who flowers, your hard working mum more than deserves to know she is loved! This Mother’s Day, gift her a bouquet of her favourite flowers, or find the perfect plant that pulls her whole house together.

Attaching a Mother’s Day card to your gift will ensure she knows it’s to celebrate her special day. It will also let her know how much she means to you and the rest of the family. Keep it short and sweet or gush on, we aren’t here to judge!


New Clothes From a Local Label

Some mothers are known to be stylish mums. If you feel like your mum is dressed way cooler than anyone else you know, you can get in on the fun and treat her to a new wardrobe piece. You can shop online for the perfect addition to her wardrobe, but shopping locally might be the way to go.

Any family member can provide designer shoes or a coat she’ll love. However, you’ll be sure to be her favourite child if you gift her something from the local brand she adores. Taking the time to scope out the local racks will show your dedication to getting your mum an extra special gift that she’ll wear forever.

New clothes from local label

Experiences as Mother’s Day Gifts

Is your mum the adventurous type? Always looking for a day of fun and delight? Then this Mother’s Day, treat her to experience with an activity she’ll absolutely love.

Looking for cosy and calm? Plenty of local cafes offer high tea services for the weekend Mother’s Day falls upon.

Is she an adrenaline junkie? Try taking her on a joy flight, to a wild music festival, or rally car racing to get the blood really pumping.

Wanting to provide your mum and her partner with a romantic getaway? Hot air ballooning can give them all the romantic atmosphere they’ll ever need.

On a budget and wanting to keep things simple? Sometimes the best gifts involve spending quality time together. Try ticking something off of your mum’s bucket list, or spend some quality time doing a hobby she loves. It’s the thought that counts!

Gift Cards

We all know a mum who’s a little bit more picky about her present. It can be hard to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, but luckily gift vouchers exist to make things easier.

A gift card allows your mum the freedom to choose whatever she wants. Not only does this stop you from creating a range of Mother’s Day gift ideas to panic over, but it gives mothers the time to really treat themselves.

Gift Cards

Local Spa

Quality time spent getting pampered and polished is a secret desire for many mothers. Some Mother’s Day gifts may provide mothers the tools to pamper themselves, but letting someone else do all the hard work is always better.

New mums will especially enjoy this voucher as a time to get away and have some peace and solitude (she loves her kids, she really does, but sometimes mummy needs her alone time). Gifting her a voucher for a local spa shows that you really want your mum to be taken care of.

Local Spa

Dining Voucher

Foodie gifts are perfect for mum’s sick and tired of cooking, or looking to try new delicacies. Treat her tastebuds with a voucher to her favourite local restaurant, or to an exotic dining experience. The best gift ideas are sometimes the simplest, and you can’t get any simpler or more delicious than a dining voucher.

dining voucher

Pinot & Picasso Gift Card

Get creative with a paint and sip gift card to Pinot & Picasso! If letting out her creative spirit makes your mum happy, then you can let it all out with paint and a canvas. It might be a little messy, but it’ll be worth it to take home a piece of art she carefully crafted herself.

The best part is, you’re free to bring your own drinks! Everything’s always a little more fun with some wine, and painting with your mum is no different. Find a session near you.

Pinot & Picasso Gift Card

Mother’s Day Outings

If your mum likes getting out and about, then creating a perfect moment or trip might be the best gift for her. We don’t need to go breaking budgets here, as it’s the effort that matters most (but if you can afford to splurge a little on mum, go ahead. It’s her special day).

Take Her to a Nice Restaurant

Don’t fall for the cliche ideas of kitchen appliances being one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas. Unless your mum is mad about cooking, this gift might not be received too well (something, something, bad jokes about getting back in the kitchen). Instead, present her with a nice lunch or night out at a restaurant.

Your gift idea for Mother’s Day does not always have to be a physical gift. A lovely day spent one-on-one with your mum over a nice meal may be all the gift she needs.

Take Her to a Nice Restaurant

Go to Her Favourite Cafe

Go classy with a high tea, or keep things chill as anything with a trip to your mum’s favourite cafe. On your dime, of course.

Popular Mother’s Day gifts may not always include a cup of coffee and a sweet pastry, but your mum may be missing her local cafe’s brew. She may also miss spending time with you. The cosy setting of a local cafe can be the perfect place to catch up (especially if you haven’t seen each other in a while).

Favourite Cafe

Take Her Out to a Picnic in the Park

Keep it low key but fun with a picnic in a park. Gift your mum with the chance to kick up her feet and have someone else do all the cooking. Urban greens or the beachside can set the scene for delectable snacks and a carefully curated collection of sick tunes.

Take Her Out to a Picnic in the Park

Book a Paint and Sip Session With Pinot & Picasso Today!

Picking from a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas can be overwhelming, so cut to the chase and give an experience full of flare and fun. With a 3 hour paint and sip session, your mum can create a masterpiece she’ll love to show off to any guests that come by. Don’t worry, one of our highly trained artists will walk you through the painting process, so don’t hesitate to give it a try, even if you’ve never touched a paintbrush before.

Just bring yourself, your mum, and the booze, for a perfect Mother’s Day with Pinot & Picasso!

Book a Paint and Sip Session With Pinot & Picasso Today!

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