52 Date Ideas to Up the Romance & Fun in Your Relationship

Pinot and Picasso Date ideas
In need of some fun date ideas in Australia? Whether you’re trying to impress on a first date or elevate date night with a long term partner, we have you covered. Australia is full of unique and exciting date ideas for you to spice things up with your loved one.

1. Get Creative With a Paint and Sip Class

Get the wine flowing and release your inner creative. Fun and interactive art classes and painting sessions will allow you to get your flirt on and maybe find new talent. Don’t worry about impressing your date with a hidden artistic flare, Pinot & Picasso paint and sip classes are designed for beginners so you can share in the learning process together.

2. Tuck Into an Epic Dinner at a Restaurant

It’s a date night classic for a reason. Why not connect over your love of bread, and the fact that you both always have extra room for dessert? Australia’s food scene is a mix of fresh farm to table menus, innovative native ingredients, and influences from Asia and Europe so you can find a new cuisine to try every month. Create a restaurant bucket list for your loved one for extra brownie points (yum, brownies!).
Epic dinner

3. Go on a Scenic Hike

From the Bondi to Bronte in Sydney to the Cape Byron Walk in Byron Bay, you are spoiled for opportunities to bond in the fresh air. Learn whether your loved one is a coastal lover or prefers rugged landscapes and lakes then plan the most epic hikes. The sense of achievement when you reach the most beautiful scenic view is bound to bring you closer together.

4. Get Competitive at Board Games Together

Board games are perfect for having fun while sizing up your other half. Do they have a competitive side? A good relationship with the bank? What’s their likelihood of going to jail? Grab a few board games from Op Shops or Department Stores and plan a cosy night in. Or, discover some cool board game bars and pubs in Sydney, Melbourne, and most cities.

5. Visit an Art Gallery

If you go to a modern art gallery you can discuss why the artist painted that blue canvas in that particular shade and whether it’s a reflection of a post-modernist society. The great thing about art is it is all subjective, so whatever you pick to talk about will not be wrong!
Art Gallery

6. Watch a Movie in the Cinema

Sure you have a television, but nothing beats the big screen. Go see a horror flick and then you’ll have a legitimate excuse to jump on your date when you get a fright. Australia has a rich history with cinema, so you can find a really cute family-run movie house in a small town or an exciting outdoor movie overlooking Sydney Harbour. Wherever you choose, cinema date ideas are bound to bring romance to your relationship.

7. Trust Each Other With Rock Climbing

Show your supportive partner’s potential by belaying your date and not letting them fall at rock climbing. Trusting your life in your date’s hands is the number one way to increase the intensity of the relationship right? Not only that, you will have a fun time releasing endorphins, flexing your biceps, and laughing at each other’s missteps. Australia is a rock climber’s playground so whether you want to take it easy at an indoor centre or try your hand outside in the Blue Mountains or a National Park, you are sure to elevate your date ideas.

8. Go Old School With a Drive-in Movie

Embrace your inner Sandy and Dan from Grease and enjoy date night at a local outdoor cinema. You can find a Drive In Cinema at many Australian cities and towns so pack a picnic, jump in your Ute or car, hook up your radio to the sound, and snuggle in for an old school date night.

9. Sign Up for a Cooking Class

It’s so much fun to learn a new skill, and even better to do it together. You can perfect a new recipe and use it as your signature dish for the next date night. From Aboriginal Native cooking schools to Asian dumplings and cocktails, Australian cooking class date ideas could have you covered for the whole year.
Cooking Class

10. Watch a Local Band Play

This is a perfect date idea if you want a fun way to size up their music tastes and see if they can dance. From Country music in Tamworth to a rave and experimental scene in Melbourne, Australia’s music culture is becoming internationally recognised and could provide you with fun date ideas for every occasion.

11. Attend a Burlesque or Drag Show

Show how you can step outside the box and think of creative date ideas. From the Historic Drag Show scene in Sydney which featured in the ‘Priscilla: Queen of the Desert’ movie to the yearly Burlesque festival in Brisbane, it is guaranteed to be a memorable date.

12. Enjoy a Picnic in Your Local Park

Australis is full of stunning parks that should absolutely be on your cute date ideas list. Low pressure and perfect for a first date, bring the Prosecco and snacks, enjoy the sunshine, and throw in a card game for good measure.

13. Take a Trip to the Beach

Probably the cheapest yet most impressive date idea in Australia. With a number of white sand beaches, some of which have been voted best in the World, you can be sure to impress your loved one. Pack your swimmers, have a picnic, and enjoy the magnificent sea life!

14. Delve Into Wine Tasting

Australia’s weather makes it the perfect place to grow complex and interesting wines. From South Australia’s Barossa Valley to Western Australia’s Margaret River, there is a wine everyone will love. Why not get stuck into many wine tastings, find your favourite, and enjoy each other’s company?

15. Attend a Comedy Show

Melbourne and Sydney comedy festivals are internationally recognised and you can find iconic comedy clubs across the whole of Australia. You can see comedians from around the world or home grown Aussie stars. Not only that, a comedy show gives you and your date common ground to talk and laugh about after.

16. Take a Day Trip to a Nearby Town or City

We know Australia is big and the driving distance to the next town can be huge. But, don’t let that put you off! Plan a fun road trip, put on some classic bangers, and take your date ideas to the next level!
Day Trip to City

17. Head to Antique Stores

Antique stores are the perfect time capsule and Australia is not short of them. Make up a fascinating history for the objects you see and compete on who can come up with the best story.

18. Check Out the Aquarium

The marine life in Australia is incredibly diverse and fascinating which makes an aquarium the perfect date idea! Even if you don’t find your life partner, you might find Nemo.

19. Enjoy the Views on a Hot Air Balloon

There are many breathtaking spots to take a hot air balloon ride in Australia. So if you are feeling like you have found someone special and need an exceptional date idea, look for your nearest balloon ride. You will be sure to impress them!
Hot Air Balloon

20. Attend a Local Sports Game

Nothing screams romance like spending a date night yelling for your team and eating hotdogs, right? Trust us, the atmosphere and energy in a stadium can bring you and your love together.

21. Take Your Date to a Local Bar

Australia’s craft beer scene, speakeasy bars, and cute wine bars make for an awesome date idea and a few rounds will have you vibing in no time. Just make sure you have a designated driver!

22. Head Out for Some Dessert

A great option for first dates after a long, hot Australian day. With a huge European influence, you could find an intimate Portuguese bakery or share an Italian gelato in most States. Also, it’s a sweet and pretty cheap date idea.

23. Have a Casino Night

Poker anyone? Spend all night long working out if your date has a tell or make cheeky bets against each other.

24. Go Go-Karting

A super fun date idea that lets you spend time embracing your inner child and laughing together.

25. Challenge Your Date to a Game of Table Tennis

Friendly competition is a fun date and always a good way to get flirty. Whether you find an outdoor sunny table tennis venue or a games bar, it’s a great date idea to keep things fun and exciting.

26. Enjoy a Cozy Night In

One of the more romantic date ideas. Even if it is hot outside, you can get into your matching onesies and snuggle on the couch with a film or game.
Cosy Night In

27. Sign Up for a Dance Class

You might have two left feet, but it’s an old school and very cute date idea. From swing dancing to hiphop or ballroom, you can get stuck in and practice what you’ve learnt together later.

28. Grab a Drink at Your Local Coffee Shop

Australia’s coffee scene is the best in the world, we’re not biased on this either! So head to an awesome coffee shop and check out why it is so amazing. It’s a low pressure date idea but has the potential to transition to dinner and a movie.

29. Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is perfect for the adventurous and is one of the more creative date ideas! Australia has a history with horseback riding from the early European settlers and you can find horse-riding schools in most places. You can even ride a horse along a beach at sunset, how romantic is that?
Horseback Riding

30. Make Hot Chocolate Together

Date night doesn’t have to be complicated. A cute date is all about quality time but we think marshmallows will get you bonus points too.

31. Take a Brewery Tour

Know a Lager from a Sour? Use this date idea as a fun way to show off your beer knowledge. Australia’s craft beer scene is growing in small towns as well as cities so buy a few flights and get your taste for beer!

32. Book in an Escape Room

Perhaps not for a first date. Decide if you’d like to be stuck in a room with them first. But, if you’re sure about them then an escape room is a perfect date idea. Working together to solve problems is a great test to see if the relationship is long lasting.

33. Go to an Open House

Australia has some of the most beautiful homes with amazing views. So, an open house is the perfect date idea if you’re already up to planning your life and picking out the decor stage.

34. Enjoy Some Quiet Time at the Local Library

Definitely not a first date, but it’s cute to get cosy with a book. Find an Australian author to fall in love with or explore some classics together.

35. Organise a Scavenger Hunt

Australia is the perfect place for a scavenger hunt! From huge national parks to cosy beaches, you can plan a hunt with the most beautiful backdrop. This one takes extra planning but it is a date idea that will surprise your date with the effort you put in.

36. Challenge Your Date to a Game of Mini Golf

Mini golf is cute for a first date and for those who know each other well. It’s the perfect level of competition without taking it too seriously. The great news is that Australia is home to many Mini Golf bars so you can play and drink any time.

37. Go Shopping Together

Going shopping together is an intimate experience as you learn about each other’s style and future goals. Even if you’re on a budget, window shopping is a very fun way to spend time together!

38. Enjoy a Spa Night Together

Date night should be relaxing, but this takes things to the next level. Australia is home to natural spa baths, luxury hotels, and geothermal pools so find your nearest spa and indulge in some shared relaxation time.
Spa Night

39. Head to the Zoo

There are some amazing zoos in Australia where you can find native and exotic species. Why not discuss which one would be your spirit animal? Is anyone a lemur?

40. Take a Trip to the Museum

From natural history to Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, Australia has a fascinating history to tell and all of the museums should be on your date ideas list. They give you something to talk about, keep you entertained and give you an insight into your dates intellect and knowledge.

41. Look Through Some Old Photos

Just something to give you an excuse to laugh at your partner’s dorky teenage years, who doesn’t love that?

42. Go Camping Together

With endless amounts of campsites in Australia, you can build up your camping equipment together and create a camping date ideas bucket list! Imagine watching the sunset together before sleeping under the stars? Yes, please!
Go Camping

43. Challenge Your Date to a Cooking Competition

Design a 2-course meal and take a dish each or take it in turns to prepare and cook a full menu. This date idea helps you assess their cooking skills, flavour palate, and romance ideas. It’s the perfect test for your next step in the relationship.

44. Take a Trip to a Nearby Water Park

If you think it’s a good thing to get wet and wild, look no further than a trip to a nearby water park. It’s such a fun date and you can play games in the water!

45. Work Out Together

With so many outdoor gyms in Australia, why not get sweaty together? Working out can bring you closer and establish a healthy routine for your future.

46. Enjoy a Night of Karaoke

Belt out Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’, and maybe you’ll really mean it. Seriously, there’s no better date to get to know each other than karaoke! If they can let their guard down and drop their ego to really have fun on the mic, then they’re a keeper.

47. Kayak Into the Horizon

With kayak rentals at most bays, lakes, and beaches, you could row in tandem to a secret picnic spot. The trick with kayaking is co-ordination so test your future compatibility out on the water. Romance with a test.
Ice Skating

48. Go Ice Skating

Even a place as hot as Australia has Ice skating rinks. The best part is, it is a cold date idea, so you can ask for a hug to stay warm!

49. Watch the Sunset

With a beautiful sunset almost every night in Australia, this is more than one date idea. Combine it with a hike up a mountain or sip cocktails at a rooftop bar and you can impress your love on every date.

50. Play Video Games Together

Super Mario anyone? From retro video game bars to picking up games from a thrift store, you can have some flirty competition to keep the spark alive.

51. Visit a Local Shelter

For the many people that have ‘Must love dogs’ in their dating profile, this is a winning date. Cuddle with puppies and then cuddle together as you pick out your favourites.

52. Go Sky Diving

When you really want to spice things up, jumping out of a plane is the way to go. From the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney Harbour, Australia is not short on places to free-fall with a view. However, this is not a date idea for the faint hearted.
Date ideas include a paint and sip session at Pinot and Picasso
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