The Perfect Artwork for your Christmas Party

The Perfect Artwork for your Christmas Party 2023

Ready to book your Christmas Party but need help deciding which artwork to choose? We know there are so many jolly options, so our elves have made it easier for you!


For a family Christmas party (kids or no kids!), Gingy, Rudi’s Running Late and our DIY Baubles are our top suggestions.

Gingy is easy for all ages and looks so delicious – look at his gumdrop buttons! Rudi is always a family-favourite for Christmas, but looks like he’s in trouble this year. Our DIY Baubles session just might be on top of the artist wishlist. You’ll be equipped with 3 mini round canvases with an attached ribbon, so you can hang straight onto your tree, and go wild with colour with your own bauble design.


Friendsmas is all about being with your besties and enjoying some bevvies. We don’t want the art to be too hard because Friendsmas is all about festive fun. 

Our king of Christmas, Sloshy the Snowman, is back for his fifth year running because he is what we love about Christmas. Another cheeky artwork perfect for your Friendsmas is our new Shelf On A Elf – yes, you read that right.

If you are looking to make Christmas extra special with your besties, we have a gingerbread house inspired concept, Paint Your Pot: Home Sweet Home, that’s perfect to gift to a loved one. If you’re a Textured Art fan, we also have 4 incredible designs you must check out!


Ready to celebrate the end of the working year? Honestly, same! We’ve Christmastified (that’s a word, right?) some of our classic gallery pieces that are ideal for your work Christmas party.

We’ve added snow to Dusk Til Dawn and New Beginnings and celebrated our summer holidays with a new look Good Vibrations and Country Cactus. Balmy Nights is also back for another year to add colour to your work Christmas event.


It’s time to round up the girls for Chixmas at Pinot & Picasso. We highly recommend Happy Hour, Textured Art: Let It Snow, Neon Nights: The Muffin Man, Paint Your Pot: Home Sweet Home and the DIY Baubles for your festive event.

Each of these concepts are special in their own way, and so is your friendship! These concepts allow you and the girls to catch up, celebrate, gossip and sip happily on your drinks while creating a Christmas masterpiece.

Still unsure what to paint for your Christmas Party this year? You can view our entire 2023 Christmas Collection right here. If you’re ready to mingle and jingle with an arty party this Christmas, get in quick and book today!

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