9 Reasons to Give Experiences Instead of Gifts (+73 Gift Ideas)

9 reasons to give experiences instead of gifts

Gifting experiences instead of gifts is in this Christmas. Why? Experience gifts are all about making memories which can be fulfilling, exhilarating and might just make you want to do it again and again.

Material gifts are overrated and can sometimes only last for a limited time. So, here are 9 reasons why you should give experiences instead of gifts this Christmas.

1. Experiences Last Forever

Giving experiences instead of gifts leads to making memories that last forever. While an experience itself may only last a few hours, they are often done with a loved one, the whole family or friends.

Giving experiences as a present allows you to engage with a whole range of emotions like happiness, connectedness, hope and so much more. With a fun activity, you will feel like you are making most of your time instead of getting too much stuff on Christmas morning.

This Christmas, forget buying presents that have a shelf life. Spend quality time this holiday season with your children, family and friends with a paint and sip Christmas event.

Experiences Last Forever

2. Experiences Are More Fun, and Last Longer

Gifts will come and go, but they won’t create unforgettable moments like an experience! Experiences are more fun when you do them with family and friends – it often makes the occasion more memorable and the feeling of happiness lasts longer.

Experience gift ideas don’t need to be an extravagant holiday or indoor sky diving. It can be as simple as a movie night with your family members if you’re on a budget. When an experience gift is fun, it’s something you’ll look back on and remember with joy. And the best part is? You can always have the experience again!

Experiences Are More Fun, and Last Longer

3. Experiences Don’t Go Out of Style

Just like Taylor Swift sings, giving experiences will never go out of style. There are always new experiences to try which is why it will always be the perfect gift.

Even if the experience is something you have done before, it may be new to someone else like your children, like a day trip to a local town. You’re creating memories for them that they will look back on fondly. With so much time, you can make the most of the holidays with experiences instead of gifts.

Experiences Dont Go Out of Style

4. You Can’t Share Gifts, but You Can Share an Experience

Christmas Gifts are usually presented for one person, rarely are they joint gifts. With an experience gift, you are not limited to your partner, a family member or a friend. More experiences are best when shared with more people, like a paint and sip class!

The beauty of experience gifts is that it’s not limited to just one person. You can get the whole family involved in a fun day out. You could go to the local skating rink, local zoo, or even the bowling alley. You can even get more creative and DIY with the experience like a scavenger hunt or a coupon book.

Share An Experience

5. Experiences Are More Eco-Friendly

Put away the wrapping paper! Most experience gift ideas come with e-gift cards or vouchers, and experiences themselves are more eco-friendly. This means you can happily avoid something material, because you are being environmentally-conscious. Go you!

Some material Christmas gifts also may not be able to be recycled. This is why experiences are such a great idea for the holiday season.

Some great suggestions of experiences that have e-gift cards are Hoyts, a sporting event via Ticketek, and Pinot & Picasso! That’s right, we have a range of gift cards from $40 to $240. Pinot & Picasso also has painting classes that can cater for all ages, including kids. This means you can invite the extended family to a paint and sip class this Christmas!

Experiences Are More EcoFriendly

6. Experiences Make People Happier

The best gift you can give someone is happiness. That’s cheesy, isn’t it? Sometimes with a present, you can guess what your person would like instead of giving them something they really want. This can lead to disappointment.

So skip the toys, and bring the joy this Christmas. With a range of experiences from creativity, new skills, shows and more, there’s plenty of opportunities to get an experience gift that will make someone happy and provide a memorable adventure they’ll cherish.

Happy Experiences Pinot & Picasso

7. Experiences Give More Gratitude

No matter what your get for Christmas, material or experience, it’s hard to not be grateful. Someone has gone out of their way to buy something for you.

Giving experiences, while maybe risky if you don’t know the person too well, is a risk that will undoubtedly work. You’ve thought outside of the box, and who could be mad about that?

The high of receiving a gift is usually temporary, while an experience may change your life! Dramatic? Maybe, but an experience can sometimes do this. It can shape you in ways you didn’t know it could, and isn’t that the point? Memories from an unbelievable experience can truly last a lifetime.

Experiences Give More Gratitude

8. Experiences Are Better for the Brain (For Your Kids & You!)

Family Christmas ideas can be hard to think of, but experiences instead of gifts for the kids are ultimately better for them. The summer holiday is the best time to be out and about, so say goodbye to screen time, and hello to play time!

While opening presents on Christmas morning will make a child’s day, there is something more valuable and beneficial about experiences for kids. It isn’t about all the stuff they get for Christmas, it’s all about who your kids are spending quality time with like you!

Take this Oxford University Study. They found that kids who have less toys or aren’t reliant on their iPad do better academically and social skills. Take a mental note of that, parents!

Experiences Are Better for the Brain (For Your Kids & You!)

9. It’s Not Just About the Experience, but the People You Share It With

Being able to spend time doing fun things with your favourite people is better than giving gifts. These holidays, instead of gifts, think about what you’d like to experience with your partner, parents, kids, family or even your best friend.

Take a trip away with the family, spend quality time with your parents with a night at a fancy restaurant, Take the kids to a musical, treat your partner to a Pinot & Picasso session or plan a New Year’s Day cruise with your besties. No matter what experience is, it will be their favourite present they’ll get this Christmas because they will be spending time with you.

Its Not Just About the Experience, but the People You Share It With

Why Are Experiences Better Than Physical Gifts?

We just gave you 9 reasons! The benefit of experiences instead of gifts is that there are so many great ideas out there for you to find.

Experiences can cater for all budgets. You can be very generous and gift someone an interstate weekend getaway, or cook your favourite food for a loved one (no additional cost!).

Now that we have convinced you about buying an experience gift for your person, here are 73 ideas you could look at!

73 Experiences You Can Give Instead of Gifts

Skills & Classes Gifts

  • Learn How To Paint While Sipping Some Wine
  • Learn How To Make Soap
  • Get A Little Crafty
  • Learn How To Bake A Cake
  • Gift Them A Membership To Audible
  • Gift Them An Art Class
  • Organise A Cooking Class (Online Or In-Person)
  • Organise A Workshop
    • Eventbrite
  • Gift A Language Class
  • Book A Helicopter Ride
  • Organise A Sports Car Drive
  • Plan A Day Of Cooking Together
  • Buy A Private Lesson For
    • Musical Instruments
    • Martial Arts

Relaxing & Indulgent Gifts

  • Buy A Massage Session
  • Visit A Japanese Bath House
  • Visit A Hot Spring
  • Help Them Get Pampered
    • Hire A Personal Stylist
    • Book In For A Hair Wash (Comes With A Head Massage)
    • Book In To Get Their Nails Done
    • Gift A Pedicure/Manicure
  • Organise A Bodywork Session
    • Acupuncture
    • Reiki
    • Kinesiology
    • Bowen
    • Iridology
    • Osteopathy
    • Chiropractic

Gifts for Family, Friends or Your Loved One

  • Organise A BYO Party (Food & Drinks)
  • Deliver Delicious Homemade Food
  • Create A Dedicated Playlist
  • Develop A New Recipe (Or Share One You Love)
  • Take Them Out For A Fancy Dinner
  • Book In A Guided Tour
  • Purchase A Photoshoot
  • Book A Weekend of Wine Tasting
  • Explore A Nearby Small Town
  • Go Food Foraging
  • See The Latest Art Exhibition
  • Take Them Out For A Drink
  • Book A Sailing Trip
  • Pack A Picnic
  • Getaway With Glamping
  • Write And Perform A Song
  • Organise A Kayaking Adventure
  • Put Together A Hamper Full Of Locally Grown Food
  • Organise A Holiday Interstate or Overseas
    • Book A Tour Overseas
      • Trafalgar
      • Contiki
  • Plan A Staycation At A Hotel

Gifts to Make Their Lives Easier

  • Book Cleaners For Their House
  • Offer To Get Their Clothes Fixed/Tailored
  • Book A Personal Chef For The Day
  • Organise A Locally Grown Produce Delivery Service
  • Book A Catering Package

Sports / Physical Activity Gifts

  • Buy Tickets To Their Favourite Sport
    • Basketball
    • Soccer
    • MMA
  • Organise Laser Tag
  • Take A Dance Class Together
  • Organise Human Hamster Ball (AKA Zorbing)
  • Book In A Surfing Lesson
  • Buy A Yoga Class

Gifts for Families With Kids

  • Donate to an Animal Sanctuary
  • Sponsor An Animal
  • Visit A Museum
  • Explore A Science/Technology Center
    • Questacon
  • Book Some Fun Indoor Activities
    • Indoor Rock Climbing
    • Trampoline Centre
    • Indoor Skydiving
    • Arcade
    • Escape Room
    • Bowling
    • Mini Golf
    • Ice Skating Rink
  • Visit The Botanical Gardens
  • Visit A National Park
  • Become A Tourist In Your Own City
  • Movie Night
  • Organise A Scavenger Hunt
  • Gift A Veggie Garden
  • Go On A Camping Trip
  • Go Crazy At The Amusement/Theme Park
  • Organise Family Game Night
  • Book A Family Photoshoot
  • Give Back To The Community
  • Create A Coupon Book
  • Go To Art Class
  • Plan A DIY Mural
  • Head To The Local Festival/Carnival
  • Check Out An Observatory/Planetarium
  • Book In A Circus
  • Book A Weekend Away At A Castle
  • Offer To Babysit

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Ask for an Experience Instead of a Gift?

There are a couple of ways to let your family know you would like an experience instead of toys. You can be subtle and drop hints or tell them directly. You can also put your idea on your wish list!

Either way, if you don’t let someone know, you’re only leaving it up to hope. Don’t let your ideas roll over to next year.

How Can I Give Experience as a Gift?

The beauty of experiences as a gift is that they are eco-friendly! Most experiences come as e-gift cards or vouchers. You can purchase these online and have it emailed directly to your person.

What to Do for Someone Who Doesn’t Want Gifts?

This one is definitely a challenge, but depending on the person, an experience could be a great idea. You can do a more thoughtful experience like cooking their favorite food, hosting a movie night or even offering to babysit if they have kids (plenty of mums wouldn’t say no to that!)

If not limited to a budget, you can share an experience with them and created some amazing memories together like a paint and sip session at Pinot & Picasso, a cooking class or going on a helicopter ride.

Even though they don’t want anything, they’ll be grateful you took the time to think about something for them this Christmas. Find a session near you.


Gifts come and go, but experiences (diamonds) are forever! Create everlasting memories with those you treasure most in life this Christmas. No matter how big or small the experience is, there are so many great ideas out there for you to book for your loved one, like a Pinot & Picasso session!Give experiences instead of gifts these holidays. Spend quality time with your person at one of our studios and buy a Pinot & Picasso e-gift card today!

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