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10 Awesome Team Building Ideas

We’ve all experienced it. Team building exercises that induce more eye rolls among teammates than high-fives. But it doesn’t have to be that way, fun team building activities do exist and believe it or not they are critically important to your team’s success. Plus who can say no to a couple hours out of the office trying something new with your colleagues?! Read on for some team building ideas that don’t suck!

1. Book a Pinot & Picasso Team Building In-Studio Session

Treat the team with a cringe-free team building session at your local Pinot & Picasso paint and sip studio! What does a session involve? Well don’t tell HR, but we laugh a lot, we paint and we sip (alcoholic OR non-alcoholic). Your team will be guided by an artist, so don’t worry if Steve from Accounting doesn’t know how to paint – by the end everyone will be having a (Van) Gogh.

Pinot & Picasso Team Building Session

2. Get Boozy, and Paint in the Dark With Neon Nights

Picture this… splashes of neon, glow-in-the-dark paint and creating your very own masterpiece under UV lighting. Neon Nights is an entirely new concept that offers the benefits of a nightclub – without the sweaty bar lines! Enjoy a banging playlist, BYO booze and get ready to boogie.

Get Boozy, and Paint in the Dark With Neon Nights

3. Book a Pinot & Picasso Mobile Session

If your company leans toward the larger side, Pinot & Picasso can take the stress out of making sure everyone fits in a studio by coming directly to you or a venue of your choice! Whether it’s a function venue, conference, or your office – we’ll bring all the equipment you need to make this team building experience the best one yet. 

Book a Pinot & Picasso Mobile Session

4. Do Some Good and Give Back to the Community

Working together as a team on a project that does some good for your local community could be just what your team needs! At Pinot & Picasso, we love hosting charity events, like the Ronald McDonald House Charity Ball! Plus you can always reward everyone’s efforts with a bottomless brunch afterwards. 

Do Some Good and Give Back to the Community

5. Paint a Pot at Pinot & Picasso

Let the fun times live on with your new office pot! In six months time you’ll find out who in your team nurtures or neglects – plants that is. This fun paint and sip activity can be guided or left up to your creative freedom as you paint your very own keepsake pot at your local Pinot & Picasso studio.

Paint a Pot at Pinot & Picasso

6. Do Collaborative Artworks as a Team

Our Collaborative Artworks sessions allow for the ultimate team bonding experience. Whether you work in pairs or large groups each canvas will play a part in creating the final masterpiece – because you know, team work makes the dream work. From mountain landscapes to mandala’s – we have artworks that every team will enjoy. Take your masterpiece back to the office as a keepsake.

Collaborative artworks paint and sip

7. Book a Customised Artwork Session

Do you want your event to be all about your company? Great! We have had ‘Paint Your Boss’, the Penrith Panthers paint their logo, and even a finger-paintin’ good KFC artwork requested. It’s a blank canvas (literally) with our team-building events – you paint the way and we will make it happen. This is a great indoor team building activity.

Customised Artwork Session

8. Team Retreat

After the last few years of endless virtual events, zoom meetings and WFH, a company retreat will feel like the ultimate luxury, and thanks to your team for sticking through the hard times! It also offers a unique and fun environment for newbies to get to know their new team. So why not indulge a little, and take your team bonding up a notch with a team retreat!

Team Retreat

9. Paintball

Paint is in our DNA, so naturally we’re going to suggest Paintball. Not for the faint of heart, paintballing is an intense experience to say the least. However, the competitive nature of paintball helps build camaraderie amongst staff and offers a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm in the workplace.


10. Office Carnival

Cast your mind back to your school days, when you would partake in athletics carnivals with your designated sporting house. Well, why not recreate a carnival with your office?! Split into teams and go head to head with fun challenges like a sack race, bobbing for apples, spin the wheel, bean bag toss and more!

Office Carnival

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