Meet The Creative Team: Jen Stevens

Jennifer Stevens

It’s time to introduce you to the remarkable artists behind our 2023 Christmas Collection and colourful artworks within our gallery. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Jen Stevens, a passionate artist who began her journey with Pinot & Picasso at the beginning of 2022 as a host artist and studio manager in Port Macquarie on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW. 

Since then she has been adopted into the HQ Creative Team where she plays a vital part of our creative endeavours. We asked Jen a series of questions and in this post, we delve into Jen’s answers, discovering her artistic influences, love for creating, and what inspires her most. Get ready to explore Jen’s world of all things colour and creativity.

What inspires you?

“Today my creative inspiration comes from nature, colour and pattern but my first artistic influence came from my Grandfather who was a painter. One of my earliest memories of art making was sitting with him at the dining table on his farm learning perspective drawing. Nearly 30 years later I still paint with his brushes and palette.”


What do you love most about creating?

“For me art is like escaping to a fun fair full of colour, imagination and endless possibilities. I find the act of painting so mindful, it allows me to completely immerse myself in the process and I just love the feel of brushing and gliding the paint across a canvas.”

Who inspires you most and why?

“So many people inspire me artistically, from my talented local creative circle of friends to Frida, Picasso, Monet and my all time favourite artist, the Pre-Raphaelite painter John William Waterhouse. My family inspires me to chase my dreams every day and my beautiful creative colleagues Lola and Jay are a huge inspiration to my creative process. Our collaborative work style and the supportive and caring bond we share enriches my soul and inspires me!”

If you were a P&P artwork, which one would you be and why? 

“I would have to be She’s A Rainbow because I’m always wearing bright colours, creating colourful things, getting covered in colourful paint and chasing rainbows!”

What is your favourite thing about working at P&P? 

“Getting to share my passion for painting by creating artworks for our Franchisees and customers is a dream! I love seeing the fun and unique ways people interpret paintings I have designed by mixing up the colours and style, especially younger little Picasso’s, they have the best imaginations! My absolute favourite part of working at P&P is the collaborative process with our creative crew. Love those ladies!”

Aside from art, what else do you enjoy in life? 

“I enjoy collaborating and connecting with other creatives and attending workshops, exhibitions, musicals, theatre and comedy shows. I love getting out in nature, enjoying the beautiful local beaches and rivers with my dog Tess, as well as spending time with people who make my soul shine brighter.” 

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