Baby Shower Ideas

baby shower ideas and games

Our Comprehensive Roundup of the Best Baby Shower Ideas

A baby shower brings together the mum-to-be’s nearest and dearest to shower her in support, love, and celebration. Planning a baby shower is no small feat but lucky for you we’ve done the hard yards and compiled this comprehensive roundup of the best baby shower ideas. Including activities, themes, decorations, baby shower games, and more! We also have a guide for her first Mother’s Day here.

1. Book a Pinot & Picasso Baby Shower

Looking for a different kind of celebration for the new mum in your life? A Pinot & Picasso painting class is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the day together. Whether that is in a studio or at a location of your choice, yes we can come to you! If you need some non-alcoholic drink ideas, check out this blog we created.

Book a Pinot & Picasso Baby Shower

2. Baby Shower Themes

There are many different themes to choose from for a baby shower! You may opt to incorporate a theme that reflects the mum-to-be’s personality or ask guests to dress in pink or blue depending on what gender they think the baby will be. Don’t be afraid to get creative – the more unique the better we say! Some great themes we’ve seen in our Pinot & Picasso baby shower sessions are jungle themes, nautical themes, and boho themes!

baby shower themes

3. Baby Shower Decorations

The decorations you incorporate at the shower will depend on your theme. You can create DIY decorations or hit your local Kmart for a collection of baby shower decorations that won’t break the bank. Some cute baby shower decorations we love include paper lanterns, a diaper wreath, a mum-osa bar, a ‘ready to pop’ station, and floral balloon decorations.

Baby Shower Decorations

4. Baby Shower Food Ideas

Pregnancy comes with its fair share of food cravings, so you’ll want to pamper the mum-to-be with the ultimate spread at her baby shower! You can keep things easy with finger foods, allowing guests to eat when they please and focus on mingling and enjoying the shower. Or you could outsource the hard work and hire a catering company to organise the food! P&P partners with local grazing companies to keep it easy during paint & sip events.

Baby Shower Food Ideas

5. Baby Shower Games

We recommend incorporating 2-4 games at your baby shower to break the ice and ensure a fun time. Make sure your games suit those with kids and those without! In our books, the best baby shower games get everyone laughing! You might like to play the Baby Food Guessing Game, Who Knows Mummy Best trivia, Blind Diaper Changing Challenge, or Baby Bump Balloon Pop!

Baby Shower Games

6. Baby Shower Locations

We may be biassed but Pinot & Picasso is obviously the best location to host your baby shower! Seriously though, when choosing the location to host a baby shower you want to consider what the mum-to-be would like. Brunch at her favourite cafe could be a strong contender. Don’t forget we can arrange a P&P pop up at your local high tea, winery, favourite pub or wherever!

Baby Shower Locations

7. Baby Shower Drink Ideas

Throwing a baby shower doesn’t have to be a dry affair! If you have a theme, it is a no-brainer to continue this in your drinks menu. A tipple of bubbly champagne to toast to the new baby never goes amiss! Make sure you have a host of soft drinks and mocktails for the mummy-to-be and non-drinking guests.

Baby Shower Drink Ideas

8. Baby Shower Guest List

One of the first steps of organising a baby shower is creating a guest list. You should consider keeping things intimate, with the mum-to-be’s nearest and dearest around her. To this end, it is worth asking the lady of the hour who specifically she would like invited.

Baby Shower Guest List

9. Baby Shower Invitations

Once you have your guest list down pat, you’ll need to organise invites and send them out 4-6 weeks before the shower. There are several online invitation templates and websites that can help make things easier. Or if you consider yourself a bit of a design wiz, jump on Canva and create personalised invitations! Just be sure to include all key information like time, place, and dress code.

Baby Shower Invitations

10. Baby Shower Registry

There is SO much that goes into preparing for the arrival of a new baby and a million and one things the parents-to-be need! A baby shower registry can be a great way to ensure valuable gifts are given, there are no double-ups, and make things easier for guests! 

baby shower registry
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