10 Mothers Day Ideas for Every Kind of Mum

Find Inspiration From Our Favourite Mother’s Day Ideas

The best Mother’s Day gift you can give your mum this Mother’s day is your time! It may sound cliché but it is true – ask any mum. Planning an activity that involves quality-time is sure to give your mum the day she deserves. You’re sure to find inspiration from our favourite Mother’s Day activities below, and these suggestions keep every kind of mum in mind. We’ve also compiled a Mothers Day Gift Ideas article to help you out.

1. Mother’s Day Experience for the Arts & Crafts Mum

For the arts & crafts mum you can’t go wrong with some quality time that involves painting and sipping wine! The Pinot & Picasso ‘Mumsterpiece’ and ‘Mumdala’ collaborative artworks are what you’re looking for. These two artworks are beautiful on their own, but when they come together, it feels whole, and you’ll never want them apart.

Mothers Day Experience for the Arts & Crafts Mum

2. Mother’s Day Experience for the Green Thumb Mum

Does your mum love getting out in the sunshine and tending to her gardens? We have a Mother’s Day paint & sip session that we think will be right up her alley. ‘Love Grows: Paint your Pot’ allows mum to release her inner Picasso by creating her own pot design that can perfectly suit her interiors or garden at home! You can even buy her a plant to go in the pot for a two-in-one idea for you.

Mothers day experience for green thumb mum

3. Mother’s Day Experience for the ‘It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere’ Mum

The beauty of a Pinot & Picasso session is that one half requires painting and the other sipping. With most of our studios being BYO, it gives mum the luxury of bringing her favourite bevvy to our sessions. Whether she adores a rosé, a fine red, a crisp savvy b, or loves a beer, she can bring her desired drink with her! Why not buy her alcohol of choice as another two-in-one gift idea?

Mothers day experience 5oclock mum

4. Mother’s Day Gift for the Social Butterfly Mum

Ever wondered how mum keeps up with her social life better than you? No? Just us? Okay. A Pinot & Picasso gift card is the gift that keeps on giving. With prices varying from $40 to $240, you can spoil mum as much as you like and give her the option to take one of her many friends along with her – although you can still drop the hint that she should take you!

Mothers day gift social butterfly mum

5. Mother’s Day Experience for the Family-Oriented Mum

Get the whole family involved and make colourful memories together by attending a Pinot & Picasso class on the Mother’s Day weekend. Our paint and sip sessions cater to all abilities and every kind of person – we’re looking at your dad! Find a session near you.

mothers day experience for family oriented mum

6. Mother’s Day Activity Ideas for the Active Mum

Have you got a fitspo mum on your hands? Does she love nothing more than spending her weekends keeping active? Then you better buckle up and plan an active activity this Mother’s Day! We’re talking scenic bike rides, kayaking tours, rock climbing or entering into a Mother’s Day fun run together.

Mothers Day Activity Ideas for the Active Mum

7. Mother’s Day Meal Ideas

Mother’s Day is your mum’s special day, so make sure that it starts off on a good (and delicious) note. Breakfast in bed: simple yet luxurious. You could even book in for a Pinot & Picasso speciality pop-up Mother’s Day session, where our studios partner up with local cafes and restaurants for paint & sip lunches. Check out your local studio’s page to find out more.

Mothers day meal ideas

8. Paint Your Mum’s Portrait

For our sentimental mums, we recommend organising an experience that doubles as a keep-sake – her very own portrait. And she’ll paint one of you in return! Sitting opposite one another, you’ll have to wait for the big reveal at the end when you show each other the masterpieces… hopefully she still loves you after you show her!

Paint Your Mums Portrait

9. Mothers Day Picnic

Arrange a special Mother’s Day picnic at your Mum’s favourite spot! Whether its the local park, beach, or even your backyard. Be sure to get all her favourite treats, some bubbles or tea and enjoy a beautiful picnic together outdoors. 

Mothers day picnic

10. Pamper Your Mum

Pamper your Mum this Mother’s Day! You could give her a manicure at home, take her to get her hair done or book her in for a luxurious spa treatment. By the end of the day she’ll be glowing and feeling oh so special.

Pamper Your Mum

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