Mothers Day Gift Ideas

mothers day gift ideas

Present Ideas for Every Kind of Mum

If you’re stuck for creative gifts this Mother’s Day, don’t worry, we’re here to help (creative is basically our middle name at Pinot & Picasso). Move aside boring candles and HELLO Mother’s Day gifts of the decade. We have present ideas for every kind of mum that are sure to have you labelled the golden child in no time at all. If you’re looking for ideas to spend the day, check out this helpful guide.

1. Take Her to a Mothers Day Paint and Sip Session

Spend Mother’s Day with a glass of wine and a paintbrush in the other with a Pinot & Picasso paint and sip session. Our sessions cater for all types of mums, including yours! Because we all know the best gift you can give mum is quality time together. Find a session near you.

Mothers day paint and sip session

2. Paint Her a Portrait

Looking for a gift with a difference? How about painting each other’s portraits?! Book in for a Pinot & Picasso Portrait session and get creative with your mum this Mother’s Day, because the best kind of gift is an experience you can share together. Make sure you paint her good side!

Paint Her a Portrait

3. Make a Homemade Gift

Homemade gifts don’t go out of style once you become an adult, if anything they only add brownie points! If you take your mum along to a Pinot & Picasso Mother’s Day session you will both take home a keepsake. Otherwise you could try making a homemade bath bomb, monogramed hand towels or a homemade heating pad.

Mothers Day Homemade Gift

4. Treat Her to a Luxurious Gift

For those with a mum who likes the finer things in life – don’t worry we have you covered. Book her into your local spa for a full body massage and facial! Pure bliss. Organise a wine tasting at the closest winery to her! Or rally your siblings and put in for a customised piece of jewellery.

Treat Her to a Luxurious Gift

5. Personalise a Gift Basket

A personalised gift basket could be the perfect gift for your number one lady. Hand pick her favourite snacks, spa products, flowers and throw in a written note to create a unique and classy mothers day gift this year. You could even throw in a Pinot & Picasso painted pot.

Mothers day personalised gift basket

6. Write Her Something Special

Carrying on from the above, why not get really creative this Mother’s Day and write your mum a letter or poem! Taking the time to sit down, put pen to paper and write out all the reasons your mum is special to you. This is sure to touch her heart and show her how much you care!

Write Her Something Special

7. Give the Gift of Cleaning

Odds are, your mum has spent a couple hundred hours cleaning up after you over the years. This year, gift her an act of service, by completing a cleaning task you know she’ll appreciate. You could have her car professionally cleaned, clean the house top to bottom or give the garden a good tidy up.

Give the Gift of Cleaning

8. Get Her Something Personalised

Treat mum to a special personalised gift this Mother’s Day. There are SO many options to consider, from embroidered Pyjamas, a mug with a picture of the two of you on it, to a phone case with her initials on it.

Get Her Something Personalised

9. Arrange a Night Away

Arrange a night away for your mum! Whether it’s a stay-cation at a nice hotel in town, or an escape to the country at a cute bed and breakfast – sometimes a night away can be the best reward of all! You could even plan to go with her and make an event of it!

Arrange a Night Away

10. Make Her a Special Treat

Personally, we would LOVE it if a family member made us a special treat to enjoy. If your mum has a sweet tooth, bake her something delicious this Mother’s Day. Raspberry tarts, chocolate cake, caramel brownies – have a think about her favourite sweet and get to it!

Make Her a Special Treat

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