Family Friendly Sessions at Pinot & Picasso

Family Friendly Paint and Sip Sessions

The Fast and The Furious movies weren’t wrong when they said “Everyone’s looking for a thrill, but what’s real is family”. Did you know you can get both a thrill and enjoy quality time together with family activities like a paint and sip class at Pinot & Picasso. 

From ages 6 to 86 and above, our family friendly paint and sip sessions are perfect for all ages, with easy paintings to transform into your own masterpiece. From getting arty while you party with cousins, grandparents, aunties and uncles or just your immediate family, you can do it all at Pinot & Picasso.

We have many artworks great for all types of families and different ages. Here are our best-selling Family Friendly artworks at Pinot & Picasso:

  • Boho Bunny
  • Catching Dreams
  • City Meets Sea
  • Cotton Candy Skies
  • Country Cactus
  • Dusk Til Dawn
  • Hootiful
  • Into The Lions Den
  • King Protea
  • Midnight Moon
  • Northern Lights
  • Under the Sea
  • Wave After Wave

Looking to find fun days out with family near you? Get arty and create a masterpiece together at your local Pinot & Picasso studio. 


What’s Included in Family Friendly Session

Family activities without all the family drama. Our two hour paint and sip classes include step-by-step guidance from our talented artists who want to make sure you have a great time with colour and creativity. We’ll give you all the art supplies to create your masterpiece – don’t forget to bring your BYO drinks and snacks.

Can’t find a family friendly session? Book a private arty party at Pinot & Picasso! Our paint and sip studios can play host to you and your family for a special occasion like a birthday, a Christmas party, a reunion or if you just want to get together outside of your home!


Family fun for all age at Pinot and Picasso

Things To Do With The Family

Finding things to do with family can be a challenge – how can you all agree on something that will bring wholesome family fun? Our Family Friendly paint and sip sessions at Pinot & Picasso are perfect for all ages looking to have a good time together. 

Whether it’s celebrating Christmas or Easter together with a paint & sip class, an early morning activity on the weekend or some school holiday fun, our Australian paint & sip studios host a fun variety of family events, including our electric Neon Nights


Cousins and relatives and all ages can celebrate with a family friendly session

Kid Friendly Art Classes

Less screen time, more playtime! Joining a kids art class at Pinot & Picasso is like stepping into a world of their own colourful imagination. Picture this: a safe and creative studio space where your little ones learn new arty skills, have fun with friends and create a masterpiece without making a mess in your home (an absolute win!).

As they unleash their inner artists, they’ll sip on their favourite BYO drinks (juice or soft drinks, of course) and follow step-by-step guidance from our talented and fun instructors.

The little Picassos can create artworks featuring adorable characters like huggable sloths and vibrant turtles or let their creativity run wild with their own creations.


We offer kid friendly art classes at Pinot and Picasso