Neon Nights at Pinot & Picasso

Neon Nights

Let’s glow, Picasso! Turn the lights off and switch the party on with Neon Nights at Pinot & Picasso. This paint and sip experience puts the art in party. We swap acrylic paints for neon paint to bring your masterpieces to life under the UV lights.

This “glow in the dark” paint and sip experience is about having fun with friends, vibing to the best music, and creating an artwork with neon paint that will have you glowing on the inside (and maybe on the outside too!).

We have a variety of neon art masterpieces you can create and watch glow under UV lights at Pinot & Picasso (10 to be exact!). Here are their names!

  • Adonis
  • Boogie
  • Cracker
  • Day of the Dead
  • Empowerment
  • Fresh Kicks
  • Matariki
  • Ollie
  • Van Glow
  • You Wish

Ready to get your glow on? Get the neon acrylic paint on your plate, put on your apron and turn the lights off! Find the Neon Nights experiences near you.


Neon Paint and Sip Experience

Who thought it could be so fun to paint in the dark? The Neon Nights paint and sip experience combines UV glow paint with a good time to bring a whole new level of creative fun. Not only do you walk away with some new neon wall art for your home, but you’ll also leave feeling happier than when you arrived. That’s the Pinot guarantee! 

Neon Nights are the perfect session to unwind after a busy week with friends or kickstart your weekend with its party spirit. This “glow in the dark” paint and sip experience is for those who prefer the sip element over the paint, want to do something fun with their friends, and make new memories.


Neon Nights at Pinot and Picasso

Neon Wall Art

Turn your Neon Nights creation into neon wall art for your home. While it won’t glow in the dark at home, we recommend purchasing a UV light that will display your neon painting on display, as it should be! 

All of our Neon Nights artworks are worthy of becoming neon wall art in your home. Van Glow is inspired by Van Gogh! 

The fun continues after dark. Create your own neon wall art at our Neon Nights experience, and watch your creation glow under the UV lights.


Neon Nights at Pinot and Picasso

How To Do Neon Painting

Have you been thinking about how to do neon painting? Well, let us turn the lights back on and tell you! At Pinot & Picasso, we design unique artworks with UV paint right here in Australia. Our expert team work with both acrylic and neon paint to bring you the very best Neon Nights artworks that all abilities can create.

The Neon Nights experience will allow you to get arty while you party as you create a neon painting that will look good with the lights on and off. Join us at our next Neon Nights session at your Pinot & Picasso studio.


Neon Nights at Pinot and Picasso

RNB Neon Nights

The arty party doesn’t stop here. Immerse yourself into the world of neon paint with our RNB Neon Nights experience. Dedicate your next artwork to the biggest RNB artists of our time, like Biggie, Queen B and Snoop.

Bring the club to your canvas, enjoy bopping along to the best RNB hits, sipping on your favourite drinks (maybe Gin & Juice?) and getting arty while you party with your friends.


Enjoying a paint party under UV lights for Neon Nights at Pinot and Picasso