Kids Sessions at Pinot & Picasso

Kids Art Classes

We don’t let the adults have all the fun at Pinot & Picasso. We also love to host art classes for kids at our paint & sip studios. While it’s a fun place for them to explore their creativity through our kids’ art, learn new arty skills, connect with friends and make new mates, it also allows you to take a 90-minute break and get that relaxing pedicure you’ve been wanting or do the grocery shop undisturbed.

Are you already thinking, “Where are these art classes for kids near me?” You’re in luck! Find your local Pinot & Picasso studio to see their upcoming kids painting classes. 

What are kid art classes?

It’s less screen time, more play time! A kids art class at Pinot & Picasso looks a little bit like this: a safe, creative space where they play with paint, splash in the colours (no mess in your home is a huge bonus!), sip on their favourite fizzy drinks, and enjoy step-by-step guidance from our artists. They’ll teach them new arty techniques and let them go wild with their creative ideas on canvas. 

Our kids artworks include cute characters like cuddly sloths and colourful turtles and always have bright & bold colours that encourage the little Picassos’ creative spark.


Kids Art Classes Pinot & Picasso

Kids Art Class Near Me

Want to find a paint and sip kids session near you? It’s a good thing our art classes for kids are not too hard to find. We have over 70 Pinot & Picasso studios across Australia, which host a variety of 90-minute art classes for kids. 

If you’re looking for a school holiday activity or a morning weekend session for your kids, you know where to find us. If not, click the button below to find your local Pinot & Picasso studio.


Kids Art Classes Pinot & Picasso

Kid-only art classes, no adults allowed!

Our Pinot & Picasso kids art classes are 90 minutes of paint-splashing, colour-mixing, mind-blowing fun! These sessions are best for little Picassos aged 5 years old and above. While they may be moody, teens are also welcome to these art classes for kids, but we recommend the Family-Friendly classes instead! 

For each kids painting class, they are welcome to bring their own favourite drink (no alcohol please, obviously!) and their favourite snacks to nibble on during their session. 


Kids Art Classes Pinot & Picasso

Family-Friendly Classes

Want to be a kid yourself? Elevate the play date and come along to one of our Family-Friendly sessions at Pinot & Picasso. From ages 8 to 80 and above, these arty sessions are perfect for all ages, with easy paintings to transform into your masterpiece. 

Whether it’s celebrating Christmas together with a paint & sip class, an early morning activity on the weekend or some school holiday fun, our Australian paint & sip studios host a fun variety of Family-Friendly experiences, including our electric Neon Nights! Don’t forget your BYO drinks and snacks; you can’t paint & sip without those.


Kids Art Classes Pinot & Picasso

Art Classes For Kids In The School Holidays

Paint your way to our paint & sip studios for the next school holiday break. Our studios always run a mix of kids-only art classes and Family-Friendly sessions to help keep the kids entertained during the school holidays.

Avoid the nagging “I’m bored” statements from your kids during the school holidays and book them into an art class for kids at Pinot & Picasso. 


Easter Art Classes For Kids

Going away for the Easter Long Weekend is overrated. Have a more cost-effective Easter weekend that’s just as exciting with a Family-Friendly art class at Pinot & Picasso. 

Bring your chocolate eggs, delivered by the Easter Bunny, and nibble on the sweetest treat while creating a masterpiece that might even be rewarded with more chocolate. 


Host A Paint & Sip Kids Birthday Party 

Have you heard of the best place to host a kids birthday party? It’s not Maccas or the local swimming pool; it’s Pinot & Picasso! 

A kids paint party at Pinot & Picasso welcomes all their friends to get arty while they party, create their own artwork to take home, and enjoy the entire studio space to themselves to dance, sing, laugh and eat cake.