Girls Night Out Ideas

We’ve Compiled a List of the Best Ladies Night Ideas

Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned girls night – to let down your hair with your best friends and get a little silly. So if you’ve been tasked with planning your unique ladies night out, then look no further. We have compiled a list of the best ladies night ideas for you! Because we get it.

1. Get Crafty and Byo at Pinot & Picasso

Unleash your inner artists by wielding a paintbrush in one hand, vino in the other, with a paint and sip session by yours truly. Our expert hosts will guide you and your girlfriends through an artsy evening of fun, creativity and giggles of course! BYO beverages and enjoy one of our grazing boards or pizza add ons. Find a session near you.

Crafty BYO Pinot Picasso

2. Host a Potluck Party at Home

Potluck is great fun and takes the pressure off the host with each friend preparing a dish to share. Up the ante and theme your potluck with a certain cuisine, coloured dish or dress up. Stuffing your face with good food and wine while catching up with your besties around a dinner table – absolutely perfect!

Potluck Party Home

3. Go Dancing

Sometimes we need to escape the monotony, let our hair down, and hit the d-floor with the girls! Dancing is an essential element of any good ladies night, let’s be real. No matter what you have planned, we strongly recommend finishing the night with a dance! Whether that’s at the club or in your lounge room. Dance like nobody’s watching and get a little wild on your next girls night.

Go Dancing

4. Organise a Clothes Swap

We love a sustainable evening of fun! Have your girlfriends bring a few pre-loved items of clothing and swap these amongst each other. Not only does this clear out your unused closet items but provides you with a new wardrobe minus fast-fashion or expense.

Organise a Clothes Swap

5. Organise a Pamper Party

Treat yourselves to an evening of being pampered. We’re talking DIY spa treatments, face masks, painting one another’s nails (or you could hire a manicurist to come along), massages and whatever else tickles your fancy. Sometimes we all just need to slow down and take some ‘girl time’ to relax and unwind.

Organise a Pamper Party

6. Ladies Family Dinner

Do you have a family of strong, inspiring women you want to celebrate? Invite the sisters, mothers, aunts, daughters and grandmothers along for a special family dinner. This provides a beautiful opportunity to catch up over good food and talk, women to women, about everything and anything!

Ladies Family Dinner

7. Host a Karaoke Party

Hire a karaoke machine for a night of endless entertainment on your next girls night. You could even go as far to theme the night with ‘female classics only’ or ‘girl bands’ – if you’re keen on sticking to a strict ladies night vibe. Or hit your local karaoke bar and smash out a killer duet.

Host a Karaoke Party

8. Treat Yourselves to a Bottomless Brunch

Nothing screams fun like a bottomless brunch with the girls and luckily enough we have compiled a guide on just this topic, here. We may be slightly biassed but a paint and sip session is the ultimate bottomless brunch. Spend a couple of fun-filled hours sipping your own beverages, grazing on delicious food and painting with the girls!

Treat Yourselves to a Bottomless Brunch

9. Indulge in a Beach Day

Looking for a unique girls night experience that doesn’t involve drinking? Indulge in a beach day! You can bring a speaker, get your tan on, dip in and out of the water and play some fun beach games with the girls. You could even watch the sunset together – so wholesome.

Indulge in a Beach Day

10. Do a Class Together

Another unique ladies night activity is to do some sort of class together. The best part of this option is that it can turn into a recurring social activity if all goes well.. AKA regular girl time! The options are limitless with spin classes, salsa dancing classes, cooking classes, paint & sip classes and more.

Do a Class Together
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