10 Date Ideas In Hobart To Spice Up Your Day

10 Date Ideas In Hobart To Spice Up Your Day

So, you’ve found yourself in Hobart, the jewel of Tasmania, with your significant other, and you’re ready to kick your date night up a notch. We have a list of fun date ideas that will make your date night in Hobart memorable. Whether you’re a local going on a nervy first date or visiting this charming city for the first time, here are 10 Hobart date ideas to spice up your day in Tassie. 

1. Get Arty with Pinot & Picasso 

It’s not a regular paint & sip experience; it’s a cool one. Pinot & Picasso Hobart is where you and your better half can channel your inner artist while sipping on a glass (or two) of your favourite drop of liquid courage. You’ll be guided step-by-step by one of their talented artists, who will help you transform your blank canvas into a masterpiece, so no talent is necessary. Plus, if your painting skills are a bit… abstract, you can always blame it on the wine.

With a stack of unique concepts on offer like Textured Art, this creative date idea will surely be a memorable one. 

10 Date Ideas In Hobart To Spice Up Your Day Paint and Sip class

2. Stroll through Salamanca Markets

If you’re in the mood for a leisurely date that doesn’t require much effort, stroll through the iconic Salamanca Markets on a Saturday morning. This place is buzzing with handcrafted goodies and mouth-watering treats, all created by local artisans. 

It’s one of the popular spots for locals and tourists, so be sure to get there early to enjoy the best on offer in Hobart. 

3. Visit the Famous MONA

The Museum of Old and New Art, affectionately known as MONA, is the perfect date idea in Hobart. If you want to keep your date conversation interesting, this place is a goldmine. 

It’s filled with eccentric art pieces that will either make you go, “Wow, this is brilliant!” or “I don’t get it, but let’s pretend we do.” Either way, you’re in for a hilarious time. They also have bars and restaurants on-site that are great spots for soaking in all the weird and wonderful art pieces you’ve just witnessed.

10 Date Ideas In Hobart To Spice Up Your Day MONA

Wine and Dine at Battery Point

For a more sophisticated evening, venture into Battery Point for a Hobart date night. This historic neighbourhood is like a time capsule filled with charming colonial architecture now filled with good food and local wine. 

Find a cosy restaurant, order some Tasmanian specialties, and toast to your good taste in both cuisine and company. 

Trek it to Mount Wellington

Are you the adventurous type? Lace-up those hiking boots and head for Mount Wellington. The views from the top are worth every huff and puff on the way up. 

Make this adventure a day date in Hobart and pack a picnic or witness a stunning sunset. Just try not to feel on top of the world. Spoiler alert: you will.

Enjoy the Hobart Waterfront

Want something more laidback for your Hobart date idea? The Hobart waterfront offers a stunning setting for a relaxing date. Stroll along the docks, watch the sailboats on the water, and enjoy the calm vibes. 

If you’re hungry, there are abundant seafood options to satisfy your cravings, and seafood is what Hobart is known for. The Hobart waterfront also has plenty of hotels that can turn your date night into a romantic overnight stay in the city. 

10 Date Ideas In Hobart To Spice Up Your Day Hobart Waterfront

Explore the Tasmanian Wildlife

Let’s get wild, but not too wild! Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect place to encounter some of Tassie’s most unique animals. Feed kangaroos, cuddle wombats, and marvel at the Tasmanian devils – no, not the Looney Tunes kind. 

It’s a wholesome Hobart date idea that will put a smile on your and your partner’s faces. 

Have a Drink at the Cascade Brewery

Time for a breather, and what better place than the Cascade Brewery? Take a tour, learn about the beer-making process, and then unwind in their lush gardens with a cold one. It’s like a boozy date with history – and hey, who can say no to a little liquid courage for those deep conversations?

10 Date Ideas In Hobart To Spice Up Your Day Cascade Brewery

Get in Touch with Nature at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Head to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens for a date that’s equal parts peaceful and Instagram-worthy. Wander through the lush greenery and make this Hobart date idea more special with a picnic in the gardens. Just make sure there’s some sun so you can work on that tan!

Visit the Historic Richmond

Take your Hobart date out of the city and into the historic town of Richmond. It’s known for its sandstone buildings and quirky attractions like dressing up to take an olden-day photo. You can also visit the Richmond Gaol and stroll across the famous Richmond Bridge – the oldest bridge in Australia. 

Find a Pinot & Picasso Studio Near You

Luckily for you, there is only one Pinot & Picasso studio in Hobart, so it’s easy to enjoy a creative date night in the city. 

Whether you’re into art, history, nature, or just enjoying each other’s company, Hobart’s got you covered with plenty of fun date ideas. So, go on, plan your next date night in this charming Tasmanian city, and let the adventure begin. Remember, it’s not about what you do; it’s about the laughs, the love, and the memories you create together. 

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