Top 19 Amazing Things to Do in Brisbane

Things To Do In Brisbane

Visit Brisbane

Visiting Queensland’s capital but you’re unsure what to do? There are heaps of engaging things to do in Brisbane that cover a huge variety of interests. From hiking, beach trips and live music to history and art museums, Brisbane has got it all!

Brisbane’s History

Initially a penal colony in the early 1800’s, Brisbane was soon turned into a free settlement in 1838 because of its suitability for fishing, farming and other agricultural industries. The initial settlement in North Quay soon expanded to the beautiful city that Brisbane is today. Home to Steve Irwin’s famous Australia Zoo, Brisbane city is filled with a rich history of colonial and cultural history.

Flowing through the city is the beautiful Brisbane River, with sights such as Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Streets beach and the cultural hub of Southbank is South Brisbane. An important part of settlement and development of the city, Brisbane River is an evolutionary body of water.

1. Brisbane River

Apart from its significance to Brisbane’s history, this river is known for its great walks, water-sports and beautiful riverbanks.

Brisbane Riverwalk

Brisbane’s most famous walk is the Brisbane Riverwalk. Stretching over the water, this walk is a suspended bridge that connects Brisbane’s CBD with the trendy New Farm precinct. Both cycling and walking along the path is a great way to get uninterrupted views of the city’s business district as well as the stunning Kangaroo Point.

River Cruise

Take a cruise down the Brisbane river for a lazy afternoon of sightseeing. Nothing is better than viewing this river city on the river itself! Pack a picnic to go or settle down with a good playlist as you view the most picturesque parts of Brisbane.

brisbane river

2. Brisbane City Hall

Next to King George Square is the monumental Brisbane City Hall. While it’s great for a historical selfie, the City Hall also hosts free guided tours, where you can learn all about Brisbane’s rich history. Take a trip up the old clock tower for great views of the CBD!

Brisbane City Hall

3. New Farm Park

The New Farm Park is a riverfront garden that is located in the trendy New Farm. As one of the oldest parks in the city, it’s great for a stroll or a nice picnic. With grand buildings and gazebos dotted through the trees, this heritage listed park is great for an afternoon immersed in grandeur!

New Farm Park

4. Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

The Governor of NSW, Sir Thomas Brisbane was an avid astronomer and obviously, Brisbane was named after him! Visit the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium to learn more about the universe and see the stars and planets up close.

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

5. Brisbane CBD

Of course, one of the top things to do in Brisbane would be visiting Brisbane’s CBD. With luxe shopping on Queen Street Mall and beautiful riverfront views, it’s no wonder that the central business district is among the top sightseeing experiences in the city!

Head to the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens for a walk through the majestic trees, or even settle down at one of the seafood eateries on Eagle Street Pier.

Brisbane CBD

6. Kangaroo Point Cliffs

The Kangaroo Point Cliffs are a major natural attraction in this area of Queensland. A great recreation area for running or climbing, these cliffs are perfect for the Brisbane adventurer. Better yet, climb the 107 steps on the eastern side of the cliffs for spectacular views of the city!

Amazing things to do in Brisbane with Pinot & Picasso.

7. Gallery of Modern Art and QAG

There’s no better time to see beautiful artwork than a rainy day. If the weather is not too bright (or you’re just an art enthusiast!) head to the Gallery of Modern Art or Queensland Art Gallery to see contemporary and awesome artworks on display.

The Gallery of Modern Art boasts of an array of art from Australia, Asia and the Pacific, while the QAG is home to impressive exhibits and great displays of Indigenous art. These galleries sit just 150 metres apart, so you can make a whole day of it!

Gallery of Modern Art and QAG

8. Moreton Bay

Home to crystal clear waters and the occasional shipwreck, Moreton Bay is the perfect place to visit if you enjoy a bit of spookiness. With several islands and Moreton Bay National Park to see, put on your explorer hat and get going!

Lying within Moreton Bay is the beautiful North Stradbroke Island. Perfect for a weekend getaway, or a mates surfing trip, this island is full of fun and adventure. With fishing, vehicle beach access and even fresh water springs, North Stradbroke Island has something for everyone!

Moreton Bay

9. Queensland Museum

The Queensland Museum has so much history and culture to offer. Dedicated to natural, scientific and human achievement, Queensland Museum is a perfect place to visit if you’re in the mood to learn more about the wonderful state that Queensland has become.

Queensland Museum

10. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Who can resist the cuddly cuteness of Australia’s bear, the koala? Visiting Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is a great way to experience Queensland’s fauna and learn more about the importance of protecting the koala species. As the oldest and biggest koala sanctuary in the world, it’s definitely worth a visit!

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

11. Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo should be the top of every Brisbane visitor’s list. Founded by the wonderful Steve Irwin, this zoo is home to the best croc and bird shows, as well as an abundance of Australian and international animals to see and enjoy. Make sure to keep your hands to yourself though, there are a lot of dangerous animals you might encounter!

Australia Zoo

12. South Bank Parklands

The South Bank Parklands are home to beautiful trees, riverfront views and of course, heaps of fun activities for every kind of visitor to enjoy. From the swimming pool facilities and numerous walking tracks to Picnic Island Playground, there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Picnic Island Playground

Located in the South Bank Parklands, the Picnic Island Playground is the place to go for an afternoon feed of sandwiches and cold drinks. Situated in the midst of leafy trees and lush gardens, you’ll find enough picnic tables to host what seems like most of Brisbane! For the young kids, there’s a huge amount of play equipment for a family-fun experience.

South Bank Parklands

13. Glass House Mountains

In Glass House Mountains National Park you’ll find the craggy peaks of the Glass House Mountains. For the best hiking and walking, you can visit these 13 peaks for spectacular views of South East Queensland.

These mountains hold a lot of cultural and spiritual significance as well, as they are home to many Indigenous ceremonial sites that are now protected.

GlassHouse Mountains

14. Movie World

Movie World is the place to go for fun rides, spooky adventures and movie magic! From Scooby Doo rides to DC superhero experiences, nothing is better than a day filled with cinematic fun. For the thrill-seekers, there’s rollercoasters galore, and the Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 Show to bring it all home.

Movie World

15. JC Slaughter Falls

A cascade waterfall located on the Ithaca Creek, the JC Slaughter Falls may sound scary, but they’re a beautiful showcase of nature’s wonder. Only 10 km west of central Brisbane, it’s an easy expedition to make and definitely worth the trip!

JC Slaughter Falls

16. Day Trips

Taking a day trip to visit national parks, beaches and stunning nature escapes is always a good idea!

Hervey Bay

Head to Hervey Bay for whale-watching during the migration season between July to November. Spot pods of whales if you’re there at the right time, but if not, there’s beautiful waterfront esplanades and calm beaches to enjoy.

Hervey Bay

Fraser Island

Fraser Island or K’gari is home to some of Queensland’s most scenic nature escapes. Whether you wish to 4WD your way through the island, take a boat tour of its many beaches or go for a day trip, this island is worth the visit. With complex dune systems, tall rainforests and the occasional dingo sighting, K’gari is perfect for nature lovers.

Fraser Island

The Gold Coast

Head to the Goldie for beaches, shopping and a day in the sun! Visit the coastal city centre for the best shops or venture to the beaches for a tan and a swim at the most popular beaches in Queensland. There’s no better day trip (that could turn into a fun night of partying!) than going to the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast

17. Story Bridge

Take a look at the stunning Brisbane skyline as you journey up the Story Bridge. The heritage listed steel cantilever bridge is a one of a kind structure, and you can climb it for the best views of the city! A twilight climb may even get you a view of the sunset over the city.

Story Bridge

18. Live Entertainment

Of course, there’s no point in visiting a city without experiencing the arts and culture scene! Live entertainment is in abundance in Brisbane, with heaps of pubs, clubs and live music venues showcasing the talent of South East Queensland!

Brisbane Powerhouse

Brisbane Powerhouse is one such venue that offers great live music, theatre, concerts and even a speaker series. Head down to this repurposed tram station to laugh at comedians, clap for the thespians and sing your heart out to your fav Aussie artists.

Brisbane Powerhouse

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