Open Canvas Expression Sessions

Switch off from the everyday in our Open Canvas Expression Sessions. Come prepared with a design you want to recreate (hello, Pinterest!) or allow our artists to guide you through painting techniques to try and then allow your mood might dictate the colours you choose.

This class is about releasing emotion, placing it on the canvas, and letting it stay there. As a masterpiece. Try it for yourself.


What To Expect At Our Open Canvas Expression Sessions

All art materials will be provided for you to walk in and start creating. With a mix of old school classics and other music favourites playing you’ll be transported to a good time. Our artists will guide you step-by-step through techniques you can try and then you just let yourself move freely on the canvas.

Many of our Picassos also come prepared with images of inspirations from Pinterest or other artists they adore, which they’d like to recreate and display at home.

Either option is entirely up to you – however we really do suggest just trying the Expression Session and placing no control on how the artwork will turn out. It really is just all about allowing yourself to express freely. Who knows, you might just find yourself being present and at peace.


Open Canvas Expression Art

Our Open Canvas Expression Session Artwork

We abandon defined subjects to focus solely on the expressive power of abstract formations, expressing emotions through brushstrokes, colours, patterns, and textures. 

Expressive art allows you to art without rules or expectations. It encourages our brain to respond in a less restrictive and stereotypical manner, calming the mind in a fun, playful, and messy way!


How To Book An Open Canvas Expression Session With Your Local Studio

Hosting your own Open Canvas Expression Session is as easy as ABC. Find your local Pinot & Picasso studio and enquire about how you can host a Open Canvas Expression Session at the studio. For a private event, you can book out the entire studio to yourself, sip on a delicious BYO beverage and create a masterpiece for your home gallery. 

If you have a small group and can’t find any Open Canvas Expression Session paint & sip sessions online, send your studio an email to express your interest. They’ll keep you updated and let you know when the Open Canvas Expression session is live on their website.


Open Canvas Expression Art