Make a Memory With Mum

Mother’s Day Experiences at Pinot & Picasso

The older we grow, inevitably moments with Mum become few and far between. While our hearts are with those who painstakingly cannot create those memories with Mum, or are yet to create those motherhood memories of their own – we want to encourage those who can, to make a memory with our Mother’s Day experiences.

Pinot & Picasso is creating a space similar to that early, sweet chapter of hearing “Mum, I made this for you”. We allow you to create that memory, together. We play curated music that will have you humming the words, all the materials to create your very own piece of art, and once it’s all over? You take home something that gave you a moment in time with your Mum.

And when we say Mum, we don’t mean just biological. No, no. We know Mums come in all forms, and we invite you to bring whoever you want to show this type of love to. The type of love that values quality time, the thoughtful love, the love that is worth making a memory.

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day experience ideas, see what your local Pinot & Picasso studio is offering for the Mother’s Day weekend.


Our Mother’s Day Collection

Inspired by nostalgic moments, our Mother’s Day collection is all about curating a special memory with Mum by your side. Collaborate together with our ‘Mother Nature’ design, craft with your young family with ‘Rays & Bows’ artwork or create a special work of art to use in your everyday life with our ‘Banksia Bloom’ jug or ‘Garden of Gratitude’ vase.

These Mother’s Day experiences were inspired by the idea of spending quality time with Mum and finding a Mother’s Day activity that allows you to make something memorable. Whether you’re creating with Mum or making something for her, book a Pinot & Picasso activity for Mother’s Day.


Our Mother's Day collection

What’s Included in a Mother’s Day Paint and Sip Session?

A Mother’s Day sip and paint class will vary from two to three hours in session length, but all Mother’s Day experiences will give you plenty of time to create your work or art, sip back on your favourite BYO drinks and connect with Mum.

Our talented and friendly local artists will guide you step-by-step through your session, so there’s no talent necessary for these concepts – the drinks might help though! Your Mother’s Day tickets will also include all art materials you need to create your masterpiece and make a new memory.


What's included in a Mothers Day paint and sip session

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Want a Mother’s Day gift idea that’s better than flowers and sweeter than perfume? Spoil your Mum with tickets to a Pinot & Picasso paint and sip session or buy a Pinot & Picasso gift card for her to unwrap with her breakfast in bed. 

While chocolates won’t last forever, making memories together will. Mother’s Day experience gifts like a paint and sip workshop allows Mums with both older and younger kids to enjoy a creative and wholesome activity. 


A Pinot & Picasso gift card is a go-to Mother's Day gift idea

Mother’s Day Experiences with Kids

Activities for Mother’s Day that involve the little ones can be exhausting just thinking about it. Make Mum’s day with an arty activity that all ages will enjoy at Pinot & Picasso. 

With our Family-Friendly and All Ages sessions, you can channel those old school days of making something for Mum with your young family with our Mother’s Day collection. 


Activities to do with kids this Mothers Day