Meet the Creative Team: Lola Dixon

Meet the Creative Team Lola Dixon


We’re starting this new ‘Meet the Artist’ series with the woman who is the head of our Creative Team – Lola Dixon! Lola started as an artist at the Pinot & Picasso Penrith studio and has worked her way into P&P HQ as the Creative Projects Coordinator. We sat down with Lola and chatted about her artistic journey, her favourite paintings, and life outside of P&P!

What do you love about being an artist?

“Ever since I can remember I’ve had a love for creating.  To me art is expressional and used as a way to share unspoken language with the use of colours, textures and shapes.  It amazes me the endless possibilities of art and the many different ways people portray it. Art helps me to open my heart and quiet my mind – it’s a safe place for me to be alone.”

How would you describe your style?

“This is a hard question for me as I am always inspired to try the many different art styles, techniques and mediums. I love the use of bright colours and art that holds a deeper message, however I think I am still discovering my art style.”

Which type of art form is your favourite to create and why? 

“Another hard question!  I have discovered paint pouring which I LOVE, although its !extremely! messy and has a very long drying time. I also enjoy learning the ins and outs of procreate (a digital platform) – it’s incredible the things you can do on there.”

Which Pinot & Picasso artworks have you created?

“I haven’t personally created any Pinot artworks, but I have done a pot design – A Prickly Pot!

I also assist in the idealisation, vision and creative process of new artworks with the help of the wonderful creative team!”

Meet the Creative Team Lola Dixon

What is your favourite Pinot & Picasso session to host and why? 

“Wine O’clock, I love how bright and colourful they all turn out!”

If you were a Pinot & Picasso artwork, what would you be?

“Good Vibrations; because I love the feeling of summer, road tripping to the beach with the windows down and I am all about the vibes!”

What’s your favourite thing about working at Pinot & Picasso? 

“All of the incredible people that I get to work with! Everyone is so lovely, full of so many great ideas and always happy to help.”

What do you like to do outside of Pinot & Picasso?

“I love going out for a boogie with my friends and bf, going to gigs and seeing my favourite bands play, getting arty, baking, I spend a lot of money on coffee and yummy dinners and spend a lot of time at the beach in summer; attempting to learn how to surf.”

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