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Paint and Sip Ipswich

There are few things that we love more than good people, wine, and a fun time. At Pinot and Picasso, we love sharing the things we love with all of our clients.

Our Paint and Sip Ipswich studio is the best entertainment in the Gold Coast region. Mere kilometres from Toowoomba, Brisbane, Springfield, and Saint Lucia, you can be at our Paint and Sip experience in a zip.

Our Paint and Sip Ipswich studios offer art classes with a bring your own wine twist. Our mission is to give our clients the most relaxing sessions with a little something extra. Our classes are appropriate for everyone, no matter the experience level.

If you are looking for something different to do in Ipswich, then check out our workshops. We are excited to offer a unique world of Paint and Sip Ipswich to all of the friends looking for a unique party in the region.

Sip and Paint Ipswich Studios

Our studios are a unique type of art class. People might think of art classes as a type of fine art institution. However, our venues are not a stressful experience. On the contrary, we aim to provide a relaxing experience.

Our teachers are supportive and positive. They strive to help our clients release their inner Picasso. There is no art critic in any of our classes. Instead, we strive to help you have a little fun while learning some practical methods for creating our unique art.

Our artists create a unique menu of painting options for each of our sessions. These paintings are taught during class events using step-by-step instructions. These instructions are what make our classes suitable for any artist, from beginner to experienced artist.

How it Works: Sip n’ Paint

Booking your Paint and Sip Ipswich experience is a simple process. You can browse our art options on our website. Make sure that you have filtered the locations to Ipswich, then choose the function you want to attend in Australia. Add that class to your cart and follow the directions to enter your currency and then just show up to your session.

Our family of artists work hard to create a unique selection of class options for our Sip and Paint patrons. When they create a new concept, each step is carefully planned with a future class of beginner students in mind. Our Ipswich workshop is committed to teaching classes that everyone can enjoy.

What to Expect at Gold Coast Paint and Sip Ipswich

It is normal for beginner Sip and Paint participants to experience a bit of nervousness before their first class. We hope that our laid back environment and a nice glass of wine can help to calm your nerves a little bit.

Many of our friends have a few questions about how the sip and paint classes work. Our parties are not supposed to be stressful. Read about what to expect below.

Our favourite part of the paint classes is hearing where you will hang your new painting in your home. Whether you travelled from Brisbane or your home is right here in Ipswich, we hope you will enjoy our at-home environment.

The Paint and Sip Ipswich Crowd

Our tickets are sold to the general public, and you might be seated next to a new friend in your class. However, Paint and Sip Ipswich is a studio with limited space. We only sell a hand full of tickets for each of our events.

We do this at each location for a number of reasons. Most importantly, we want our patrons to be able to get the attention that they need from the class instructor. Everyone is free to sip on their glass of wine and work on their art piece at their own pace.

At each Ipswich art class, there will be a range of experience between each person. You might be seated next to an art major, but you may also be sitting next to someone who has never held a brush in their hand. This is what makes each of our Ipswich events more unique and exciting.

Class Environment at Ipswich Studios: Fine or Fun Artwork

Paint and Sip Ipswich studios strive to keep a light and engaging class environment. Some of the ways that we do this include a variety of engaging games throughout each function. We encourage each of our groups to document their memories throughout the class by taking pictures on their phone.

Our teachers use a variety of different techniques while working on a sip n’ paint event. One of the main teaching methods we use is sight. As your teacher describes each piece of the painting, he/she will also be creating a sample painting to demonstrate the method.

You may also notice our teachers interacting with each of the people in your workshop. More one-on-one interaction is part of our goal for making our painters feel like a part of the Ipswich studio Family.

Dress Code at Paint and Sip Ipswich

Many people who choose to book a Sip and Paint experience with us eat out at fancy restaurants before or after their session. For this reason, many of our clients want to dress nicely for their event. While we understand the need for dressing nicely at fancy restaurants, we do not encourage you to wear your best clothes to Pinot and Picasso Ipswich.

Our venues will provide patrons with a smock for protecting their clothing. However, if your meal is enjoyed before your art event, you might consider changing first.

Just as we cannot protect your clothing from a dribble of your meal ending up on your shirt, we are aware that our materials may be dropped on your clothing.

What Should I Bring?

Each of our Sip and Paint locations provides everything needed for a fun and engaging night of painting and wine. Our Ipswich studio will have all of your art materials, fun and engaging teacher, and a smock ready to go.

You should be prepared to bring your own vino and snacks to your Springfield painting session. We encourage all of our participants to enjoy a glass of wine and have snacks on hand during their experience.

Group Painting Experience

Our venues are available for private rental for larger groups of friends. Call our Paint and Sip Ipswich branch on the phone to discuss a quote for your private event.

Our private events can be adjusted to work for a range of ages. While our open events are limited to only adults, our private painting experiences can be tailored for younger ages as well. Private opportunities are available all over Australia. Call us to discuss your needs today.


Yes! Our studios do not offer any adult beverages for sale during your workshop. You will need to bring anything that you want to eat or drink with you.

Although we do provide a fashionable smock to protect your clothing, we encourage our patrons to wear clothing that cannot be ruined easily.

Thanks to our dedicated team, our studios are always stocked and ready with the art supplies you need for your workshop. You do not need to supply any of the materials for your workshop; we will have all of those out and ready for you.

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