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Paint and Sip Terrigal

Paint and sip classes offer an experience unlike anything that you can find anywhere else in Australia. Our class is judgment-free, approachable, and collaborative. We offer people of any experience level to come and allow their inner Picasso to run wild.

It might seem intimidating to join a painting class if you have never had any experience with painting. However, we are not teaching classes called “advanced techniques of painting.” Instead, you will find step-by-step instruction, support, and a fun atmosphere at each of our events.

Pinot and Picasso Terrigal

Our expert Pinot and Picasso artists have created content that is appropriate for anyone. From the non-creatives to the experienced artists. You can enjoy learning from our Pinot, and Picasso hosts no matter your previous experience.

Some of our clients are nervous when they first come into the studio, however by the end of the experience, and they are all proud of the work they have created in a relaxing and fun environment. Our Terrigal Paint and Sip Studios are committed to creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Open Class Content

Most of our classes offered on our online menu are considered open classes. These Pinot and Picasso Terrigal open classes are available for the general public to attend.  Remember, you do not need to know any advanced painting techniques to join us for a unique experience.

You will be surprised by your session with comprehensive step-by-step instruction. Our hosts deliver each session at an easy-to-follow pace, and they are available for one-on-one discussions with each of our customers.

You cannot find a better venue in Australia for a date night, girls’ night, or just something more unique to do. Pinot and Picasso Terrigal have served many different clients since we first opened our doors. Enjoy some wine, sip, and paint with us to see what it is all about.

Each of our events is limited in the number of seats we offer. Some people prefer a more intimate atmosphere to remain comfortable. We also know that smaller class sizes keep our commitment to an approachable and collaborative setting.

You may want to arrive early to your Sip and Paint Terrigal class. Most of our classes are extremely popular, and they tend to sell out quickly. This means that we cannot guarantee preferable seating. If you want to ensure you get a seat right by your friend, you will want to arrive at our studios early.

Snacks and Drinks: What to Bring

Terrigal Paint and Sip encourage each of our visitors to bring a glass of wine to enjoy during the session. We do not sell any food or drinks during our sessions. You will need to bring your own refreshments with you to enjoy.

Our bring your own refreshments policy is pretty open-ended. Our patrons are allowed to bring anything they would like to sip on with them. We also encourage snacks like cookies, crackers, or cheese plates.

The only products we offer to help with your nibbles is snack plates and wine glasses.

How to Book

If you are ready to join us for our next painting session on Pine Tree Lane, booking your tickets in advance is essential. Pinot and Picasso have been more successful than ever before. Many of our sessions sell out well in advance of the class date. Go ahead and book your session as soon as you know you would like to join us.

Our tickets are available on our website or through a phone call to Pinot and Picasso Terrigal. If you want to be notified of various events, you can create an account on our Pinot and Picasso Australia website. Enter your email address and create a password.

You can also follow our Sip and Paint Terrigal studio on Facebook and Instagram. We share customer creations, upcoming events, and information about private openings on both our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Private Parties Paint and Sip Terrigal

For clients looking for a private venue, Terrigal Paint and Sip have just what you need. Our studios are available to rent to large parties for a reasonable price. There is no other fun and exciting venues like Paint and Sip Terrigal in all of Australia.

Birthday Parties

Our studio enjoys the opportunity to celebrate birthdays with our private venue customers. We can host adult or children’s birthday parties at Sip and Paint Terrigal. Our Pine Tree Lane studio offers a fun and engaging party where everyone leaves with a special party favour.

Showers and Celebrations

Our studio is also perfect for various showers and other celebrations. From bridal showers to baby showers, our studio is a large venue with built-in activities. Our hosts would love to discuss your special celebration with you.

Team Building

We have hosted numerous work parties where team building activities are done. Our paint and sip classes are inherently bonding experiences. We would love to discuss having your workgroup join our studio for some unique fun.


Pinot and Picasso offer a unique menu of classes each month. Visit our website to learn more about when our studio will be open for Terrigal Sip and Paint in the upcoming weeks. You can also call us to schedule private events on your preferred date.

No. At this time, we do not allow pets in our studio. You can imagine how much chaos could happen with paint and paws.

Our sessions have a limited number of seats available for each of the events. This helps us to limit the crowd size for each event.

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