27 Sustainable Secret Santa Ideas For Your Workplace Or Family Gathering

27 Sustainable Secret Santa Ideas For Your Workplace Or Family Gathering

It’s that time of the year. You’re going through your list (check it twice!), and looking at all the people you’ve got to buy for – Mum, partner, sister, nephews & nieces – and then you get to your workplace or family Secret Santa…

Secret Santa gifts can be hard to think of and are often last minute – bought without much thought. That’s about to change! Your Kris Kringle is the perfect occasion to be sustainable, eco friendly and give someone a caring & thoughtful gift! 

TL;DR: The Complete List of Sustainable Secret Santa Ideas

Want to be more eco-friendly this Christmas? Sustainable gifts are the way to go this festive season.

This complete list covers ideas around:

  • Fun Experiences like a Pinot & Picasso gift card.
  • Edibles & Drinkables. Natural and organic foods, of course!
  • Reusable items that will be used beyond Christmas Day.
  • Plants for the house and garden.
  • Organic cosmetics and sustainable apparel for the fashion icons. 
  • Gifts that make an impact (good for you!).
  • Eco-friendly dog gifts for the dog mums!.

Here are 27 sustainable gift ideas for every kind of Secret Santa!


Pinot & Picasso gift card

Release your inner artist this Christmas with a fun experience at Pinot and Picasso this holiday season. Have a cheeky drink while you paint an artwork of your choice. Our E-gift cards (no plastic) are for all Secret Santa limits, ranging between $40 to $240.

27 Sustainable Secret Santa Ideas For Your Workplace Or Family Gathering


Want to get the kids out of the house this Christmas? Catch a blockbuster movie, a dramatic flick or a laugh-out-loud comedy at any Hoyts cinema across Australia. Gift your Secret Santa a Hoyts gift voucher this festive season, starting from $20. No wrapping required!

Surfing Lessons

Forget having a White Christmas! Embrace the hot Australian summer with a surfing lesson. This great secret santa gift could see you enjoying the beautiful sand and surf of Bondi Beach with a mate in the crystal clear waters. Time to channel Layne Beachley!

27 Sustainable Secret Santa Ideas For Your Workplace Or Family Gathering

Comedy Show

No better feeling than the gift of laughter. Ticketek has the complete guide to comedy shows coming up across the country. It’s never too late to investigate who is everyone’s favourite comedian in the office.

Sporting Event

What’s synonymous with Aussie summer? Sport, of course! From cricket to tennis, make sure your Kris Kringle doesn’t miss the action this summer or year round. Check out Ticketek to see which sport would be the best secret Santa experience.

Edibles / Drinkables

Raw and organic chocolate

Tired of the same old chocolate and desserts this holidays? Loving Earth has the most delicious and healthy treats. All their chocolate goodies will make you feel oh so good. They even have recipes for you to level up your cooking game.

Urban greens

Have a friend lacking in the green thumb department? Urban Greens can help with that. This eco friendly secret Santa present allows you to grow and enjoy your own produce. Give a sprout jar, garden starter kits or even seed balls this festive period, and start the year fresh!

27 Sustainable Secret Santa Ideas For Your Workplace Or Family Gathering

Grow your own tea

What if we told you you could grow your own tea? You better believe it! A Grow Your Own Tea Kit from Urban Greens offers a handful of flavours including peppermint and chamomile. This secret Santa gift ideas is perfect to put under the Christmas tree at the office.

Homemade granola

Sustainable secret Santa gifts can be hard to find, so why not create your own? Homemade granola is delicious food for all ages and can be vegan! This secret Santa gift recipe is only a click away online or can be found in cookbooks.

27 Sustainable Secret Santa Ideas For Your Workplace Or Family Gathering

Gluten-free food

Is someone you know planning to be healthier in 2023? Gluten-free food improves health, weigh loss and increases energy. Whether it’s handmade with love or handmade from the store, gluten-free food is a lovely festive treat for a secret Santa gift.

Reusable Items

Bento-style lunch boxes

Find yourself packing lunch in a paper bag or even throw your lunch? The Bento Buzz offers a wide range of bento-style lunch boxes to help you pack all the tasty food for the office or school. Their boxes are dishwasher safe and a perfect idea for your person this year.

Stainless steel water bottles

Plastic bottles are out, stainless steel water bottles are in! Live a more ethical life with Hydro Flask. Their stainless steel products range from bottles and tumblers that can be used for water, coffee, beer, wine and even food! Add this secret Santa gift to your list.

27 Sustainable Secret Santa Ideas For Your Workplace Or Family Gathering

Reusable coffee cups

It’s time to start saving the planet, and Frank Green is your one-stop shop for reusable coffee cups. You can buy a more stylish and environmentally friendly coffee cup in all kinds of colours, designs and sizes. Pick the perfect match for your secret Santa recipient!

Folding fabric shopping bags

Grocery shopping, but make it stylish. Find a funky fabric shopping bag for your eco friendly secret Santa. Shop on websites like Etsy, who have a range of bags for every and any personality. Enjoy an ethical, plastic free shop every time!

Metal straws

No more animals choking on plastic straws. It’s time to think of the planet with metal straws – one step at a time! All major stores like Kmart, Woolworths and Big W are selling these products.

Reusable bags

Plastic bags are a no go. Reusable bags are being used everyday. With multiple designs and patterns, it will be the perfect sustainable secret Santa gifts for all your friends.


Pot plants

Most gift guides this Christmas will feature pots & plants. Flower Power can help you find the perfect gift and plant for your secret Santa recipient, with a range of adorable pot designs and plants. Nature is the real gift!

27 Sustainable Secret Santa Ideas For Your Workplace Or Family Gathering

Urban greens (edible)

Does your person want to get in touch with nature? Urban Greens have gifts that will be gratifying as you grow your own produce. With natural materials, such as bamboo and glass jars of your favourite plant, Urban Green allows your Kris Kringle to save money on herbs by growing them.

Organic Cosmetics

Coconut oil

We all want that glowy, hydrating skin this summer. Organic products like PALMER’s Coconut Oil replenishes skin for a youthful radiance. Sign me up!

Australian natural soap

Australian Natural Soap Company has many organic options perfect for every skin type. Ranging from candles, soaps, lotions and much more, Australian Natural Soap Company will keep you smelling so fresh and so clean. Another perk, they are vegan friendly!

Elate cosmetics

Elate Beauty is making a big impact with plastic free packaging and ethically made vegan products. They aren’t featured in Vogue and Marie Claire for no reason! Buy your organic Christmas gifts for your beauty-loving secret Santa from Elate.

Gifts That Make An Impact

Bee saver kit

A great Christmas goodie this year is a Bee Saver Kit. Inspire your recipient to save the bees with this ethical idea. With items such as wildflower seeds, Bee Saver guides and planners, this Christmas can “bee” filled with joy.

Conscious step socks

Support charity this Christmas like Conscious Step. They provide socks inspired by different issues in the world like mental health and protecting turtles. Each pair of socks can be gifted to your secret Santa with the knowledge of doing a good deed on your end.

Eco-Friendly Dog Gifts

Dog shampoo

Dog mums will thank you for this one! Ensure the puppies are getting the love this Christmas with a natural or organic dog shampoo. You can find many products beneficial for the environment and the pooch, like vegan or organic shampoos.

27 Sustainable Secret Santa Ideas For Your Workplace Or Family Gathering

Compostable waste bags

Compostable waste bags are the way of the future. No more wasteful plastics this Christmas, give the gift of eco friendly compostable bags to reduce waste these holidays, including waste from your doggos.

Sustainable Apparel

Sustainable clothing

Tired of quick fashion and want something better for the environment? Sustainable clothing is a fun idea for a gift this Christmas. You can find ethical clothing on websites like The Iconic.

27 Sustainable Secret Santa Ideas For Your Workplace Or Family Gathering

Eco babywear

Is there a little bundle of joy joining the family this Christmas? Perfect gifts for babies include eco babywear. Brands like Aster & Oak have a stunning range of clothing that will make any baby look stylish this festive season.

So many ideas, what will you do with them all? We recommend scrolling back to the top! Buy a Pinot & Picasso e-gift card today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I say instead of Secret Santa?

The most common name to use instead is Kris Kringle.

What’s a good Secret Santa budget?

Most of the time, Secret Santa gifts has a low price cap of about $10–15 per gift. Just be sure to plan for that in your Christmas budget, and you’ll be golden. If you’re flat broke, you can always bake cookies or give a coupon for a night of babysitting.

How can I be more sustainable around Christmas?

Think about materials: Look at the materials gifts are made from and keep sustainability in mind. Ensure wood and paper gifts are made from recycled or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified materials. Avoid single plastics items that can’t be recycled and look for things like Organic-certified food and clothing.

Think about experiences, food, decorations as potential gifts for your Kris Kringle, and look for brands that produce either e-gift guides and vouchers to give you more inspiration. 

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