Deaf Friendly Sessions


Pinot & Picasso have partnered with Deaf Connect to introduce deaf friendly sessions, providing an inclusive environment for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. With certified Auslan (Australian sign language) interpreters, these sessions foster an empowering artistic journey, allowing the deaf community to enjoy a traditional paint and sip session!

Fostering an accessible environment, deaf friendly sessions will have a focus on easy-to-achieve artworks and a relaxed experience to accommodate all participants. Sessions are held with low-level music, concise instructions, and one-on-one support throughout to ensure participants feel welcomed and valued. Interpreters will also facilitate effective communication during the paced session and will work with the artist to provide feedback throughout.

Together, we aim to provide a supportive and inspiring space where creativity knows no bounds!

To participate, reach out to your local Pinot & Picasso studio to organise a session.


Who is Deaf Connect?

Deaf Connect is a renowned Australian organisation that provides Auslan interpreters for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Their skilled interpreters facilitate effective communication in various settings, promoting inclusivity and breaking down barriers. With a commitment to fostering understanding and connection, Deaf Connect plays a vital role in creating a more accessible and inclusive society.

Pinot & Picasso is collaborating with Deaf Connect to create a welcoming environment where deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals can fully engage and enjoy their artistic journey.

For more information, contact Deaf Connect at

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An inclusive and accessible environment!

Participants will feel welcomed with effective communication during sessions, creating a supportive and inspiring space to explore creativity in a relaxed experience with easy-to-achieve artworks, low-level music, and concise instructions.

With overwhelmingly positive feedback from the pilot session, participants are bound to have an inclusive experience in a welcoming environment.

An unforgettable experience!

"Thank you so much for tonight. It was so much fun for us. You really made our night by allowing accessible opportunities for us!"

- Jennifer

Really welcoming and inclusive!

"We had such a relaxing experience and having the interpreter there was so helpful. We'd love to come back again!"

- Lisa