NEW: 4 Artworks in Our Gallery!

Pinot & Picasso New Artworks
It’s been a while since our last artworks announcement, hasn’t it Picasso?

We’ve introduced some new artworks to our Artwork Gallery this month – they might look a little familiar! Get your paint brushes at the ready because these new paintings will be added to your Pinot & Picasso bucket list! 

We can’t wait any longer for you to see them – scroll down to see the artworks for yourself!

We’ve given some of your favourite artworks a little makeover, including Northern Lights, Havana Nights, Namaste and Wine O’Clock (previously known as Wine Time). 

Already painted these masterpieces? Nothing wrong with painting them again, especially with their refreshed looks! Book yourself a date with our artworks, your painting pal and your favourite bevvy in tow and join us for a cosy night in at our studios this winter!

Midweek Paint and Sip Sessions are Here!

Midweek paint and sip Pinot & Picasso
Struggling to find time on the weekend to catch up with your friends? We’ve got your solution!

Our Pinot & Picasso studios across the country are now running $49 Midweek Sessions! You can now paint, sip and socialise for two hours after work, uni or just for!

These Midweek Sessions can be run between Monday and Thursday and will be guaranteed fun with your family, friends or co-workers! 


So, you’re probably wondering – which artworks can you paint in two hours?

Here’s just a taste of what you can do! From stunning landscapes to cute creatures, you can release your inner Picasso to some of your personal favourite paintings! The nature of these artworks make it easy for you to unwind, chat with your friends and enjoy switching off from work!

Time to see which Midweek Sessions your local Pinot & Picasso studio is running! Click on the button below!


How to Prepare for Your First Paint and Sip Session

How to Prepare for Your First Paint and Sip Session

Here at Pinot & Picasso, we want to make sure you are 100% ready for your first paint and sip session. Whether you are already booked in or planning a girls’ night out, here’s what you can expect when you attend a session with us!



Haven’t painted since Year 7 Visual Arts? Neither! Whether you can only finger paint or draw stick figures, our artists will help you step-by-step through our artworks, and we guarantee you will surprise yourself! 

Even if you are a bit of an artist, we have some detailed artworks that are perfect for challenging yourself and your gifted ability with a paintbrush. 



While you will need to pick an artwork to attend our paint and sip classes, you don’t actually have to follow our artists. We welcome creative freedom in all of our sessions. The sole purpose of our experience is that YOU have an enjoyable experience with a paintbrush in hand and your favourite drink in the other!



At Pinot & Picasso, our 18+ sip and paint sessions run for 3 hours. While you may think that is a long time, trust us when we say it is almost not enough! Time always flies by in our sessions.

If you are planning to attend a Family-Friendly or Kids painting session, these art classes run for two hours! 



This really is one of the best parts of our experience. Our BYO option allows you to bring whatever drink you desire to our sip and paint sessions. Whether you love a crisp Savvy B, a bold Pinot, a classic lager, or a soft drink, the drinking options are all yours! 

Our studios will always have water available. So, if you do start to feel a little dehydrated, be sure to pour yourself a glass. 

*Canley Vale studio is not BYO



Most of our Pinot & Picasso studios partner with local businesses to bring you the freshest ingredients for grazing boxes. If you feel like supporting local, grazing boxes can be added to your order at the checkout.

If you would rather bring your own snacks, that is also an option! Chips, dip, cheese & crackers, chocolate, doughnuts, sandwiches, lollies, fruit – whatever you feel like, you can bring it!

Want to know how to make the best homemade grazing platter? Check out our blog here:



No need to worry about bringing your own apron and wine glasses, we’ve got all you need in our studios. Our hosts set up each customers’ station with an easel, canvas, paintbrushes, wash jar and cloth – everything you need to release your inner Picasso!

When you arrive, you will be able to put on one of our classic aprons and get your paint palette ready.  



Speaking of arriving early, turning up fashionably late ain’t an option here. We recommend arriving at your session or function at least 10 to 15 minutes before we pick up the paintbrushes. This gives you plenty of time to set up, take some selfies and get the drinks flowing.


Are you ready to do your first paint and sip class at Pinot & Picasso? Find your local studio today!

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