Meet The Creative Team: Lola Dixon

Lola Dixon
It’s time to meet the talented & creative people behind the Pinot & Picasso artworks!

We’re starting this new ‘Meet the Artist’ series with the woman who is the head of our Creative Team – Lola Dixon! Lola started as an artist at the Pinot & Picasso Penrith studio and has worked her way into P&P HQ as the Creative Projects Coordinator. We sat down with Lola and chatted about her artistic journey, her favourite paintings, and life outside of P&P!

What do you love about being an artist?

“Ever since I can remember I’ve had a love for creating.  To me art is expressional and used as a way to share unspoken language with the use of colours, textures and shapes.  It amazes me the endless possibilities of art and the many different ways people portray it. Art helps me to open my heart and quiet my mind – it’s a safe place for me to be alone.”


How would you describe your style?

“This is a hard question for me as I am always inspired to try the many different art styles, techniques and mediums. I love the use of bright colours and art that holds a deeper message, however I think I am still discovering my art style.”


Which type of art form is your favourite to create and why? 

“Another hard question!  I have discovered paint pouring which I LOVE, although its !extremely! messy and has a very long drying time. I also enjoy learning the ins and outs of procreate (a digital platform) – it’s incredible the things you can do on there.”


Which Pinot & Picasso artworks have you created?

“I haven’t personally created any Pinot artworks, but I have done a pot design – A Prickly Pot!

I also assist in the idealisation, vision and creative process of new artworks with the help of the wonderful creative team!”

Lola Dixon

What is your favourite P&P session to host and why? 

“Wine O’clock, I love how bright and colourful they all turn out!”


If you were a P&P artwork, what would you be?

“Good Vibrations; because I love the feeling of summer, road tripping to the beach with the windows down and I am all about the vibes!”


What’s your favourite thing about working at P&P? 

“All of the incredible people that I get to work with! Everyone is so lovely, full of so many great ideas and always happy to help.”


What do you like to do outside of P&P?

“I love going out for a boogie with my friends and bf, going to gigs and seeing my favourite bands play, getting arty, baking, I spend a lot of money on coffee and yummy dinners and spend a lot of time at the beach in summer; attempting to learn how to surf.”

NEW Artworks Released this July!

Pinot & Picasso Australia
What could be better than an artwork announcement? Nothing! We’ve got 2 NEW additions to our Pinot & Picasso Artwork Gallery that are a sight for sore eyes! 

It includes a brand spankin’ new painting that is set to be the ‘mane’ attraction. We’ve also refreshed a classic destinations artwork that will make you want to book a trip with your travel agent!

Wait no longer – scroll to see the artworks!


For the Kings and Queens of the pride, come Into The Lion’s Den for a roaring session painting the jungle leader! 

With BYO drinks and classic playlists, this session is purrrrfect for bringing your pride (besties) along for paint and sip fun! It’s like the Lion King, without the tragic death of Mufasa.

Sunset In Santorini


Physically, you’re in our studio painting. Mentally, you are admiring the Sunset in Santorini listening to ABBA!

Put on your Birkenstocks, dig into a Gyro, and pour yourself some Ouzo as you paint our postcard view of the Greek Island. A Sunset in Santorini will be the perfect addition to your home gallery, and also have you booking your next trip to Greece!

These new artworks are now live on session calendars around the country! Find your studio today!

Why Art is a Form of Self-Care

Why Art is a Form of Self-Care

In today’s stressful world, it’s never been more important to stop, take a deep breath, and look after your mental health. Self-care is different for everyone – for some it’s having a skincare routine, others it’s reading a book, or even doing some retail therapy (guilty!). 

We believe art and painting is a form of self-care that comes with so many benefits that are good for the soul. Art is really more than just a craft!

Now, you don’t need to go to Kourtney Kardashian’s POOSH website to find out about art and its benefits for your wellbeing, just keep scrolling to see why! 


To put it simply, painting is considered a great way to improve your well-being. It enables you to manage and regulate your emotions, as well as handle psychological distress – sounds like a therapist! Mental health researcher Dorien Eising found that painting alleviates anxiety, depression and stress. And here’s another bonus -people who have engaged with painting experience a boost in confidence, and feel more engaged and resilient.

*immediately starts to check paint and sip sessions*


Did you know that when you create art, you are making decisions about what you like and feel? When you paint an artwork, you make choices which means paying attention to your inner self, like the colours you use!

At our studios, we always encourage self-expression in a genuine and non-judgmental environment. So much so that you can paint whatever you’d like in a session!


Let’s be realistic, most of us are not full-time artists. Through art, you can embrace your own imperfections and express yourself in an authentic way. There are no expectations when it comes to art so don’t worry if you make a mistake (we always make some!)!


Perhaps one of the reasons why painting has always been a part of culture is that it allows the imagination to run free – it’s giving Bridge to Terabithia vibes, before the sad part. Painting involves a succession of mental activities, from deciding what to paint down to choosing the right brush size and type. Ultimately, painting enhances the brain’s ability to interpret and translate the mental image you have onto the canvas!


Art really allows us to connect with others and eases the feelings of isolation and loneliness – this a sign to log out of Netflix on a Friday night. Creativity is inclusive to everyone and it can also be fun to make art with others.

It bridges human experiences, allows for an exchange of stories and evokes emotions – powerful! Even if you attend a session on your own, you’re experiencing the same thing as others in the room – build that connection!

For something that’s done on an easel, painting does a person a whole lot of good in the grander scheme of things. Try adding art to your self-care routine and book into one of our sessions today!

Zero Alcohol Drinks To Enjoy This Dry July

Zero Alcohol Drinks Dry July
Are you doing Dry July? Here are our suggestions for zero alcohol drinks!

The beauty of BYO is that you have the choice to bring whatever drink you feel like to our paint and sip sessions – you have the power, Picasso! Whether you are bracing for a big night out, a chill afternoon getting creative with friends, or participating in Dry July – we leave the drinks decision up to you! 

For those looking for a zero-alcohol alternative, here are our top recommendations!


You can still enjoy the flavours of your favourite spritzes without a sore head the next day! Thanks to brands like Yes You Can, you can still get your bubbly fix on days where you don’t feel like drinking. 


Sometimes a fizzy drink just hits the spot! You can enjoy your favourite soft drink your way – in a can, bottle or glass at our paint and sip sessions. 


This one is for the blokes, designated drivers or girls who love a cold one! Zero alcohol beer allows you to feel like you’re enjoying a cold one without the alcohol – obvi! Many beers are starting to introduce this to their range, like Better Beer!


Our favourite things about juice? It’s delicious AND healthy! There are many perks to having a glass of juice, your body will thank you later. 


The industry that is changing the drinking game! You can now enjoy your favourite wines with delicious alternatives like NON. Plus, if you have a full bottle without feeling guilty! 

Even if you aren’t participating in Dry July, you don’t need a reason to try zero alcohol beverages! Bring these drinks along to your next paint and sip session at Pinot & Picasso!

Pinot & Picasso Introduces Neon Nights!

Pinto and Picasso Neon Nights

They say the best things happen when the lights go out…

Neon Nights has arrived at Pinot & Picasso! Our NEW glow in the dark experience really takes our paint and sip sessions to a whole new level. With this exciting environment and creating a masterpiece under UV lights is something so unique – and did we say so much FUN?!

If our regular classes are 10/10 on the fun scale, Neon Nights has just jumped us up to 12/10!

Are you ready to see what our Neon Nights artworks are? We’re gonna take that as a yes!


Let us take you deep into the art world, with our Starry Neon Night, inspired by Van Gogh or in our case, Van Glow (we hope you like puns! If not, we don’t recommend reading our FAQs). Anyway, back to the session! 

As you paint your way through our three-hour session, your artwork will come to life as you light up the starry night sky. Be sure to wear white, so you too can glow the night away.


We like the nightlife and if you like to Boogie… then this groovy artwork is for you! As you spend three-hours painting your very own disco ball in this glow in the dark special, we will have the tunes playing, allowing you to boogie your way right back to the 80’s. You bet ABBA will be playing!


Join all the other kids with their pumped up kicks, painting our retro sneakers ‘Fresh Kicks’ in UV lights. This session isn’t an art class, it’s an experience. With BYO drinks, this glow in the dark special will have you kicking back (sorry, had to!) with 90’s music playing and a whole lotta good vibes being thrown around!

Come and see what all the fuss is about! Book a Neon Nights session at your local Pinot & Picasso studio!

Pinot & Picasso X Go-To Skincare!

Pinot & Picasso Go To Skincare
Pinot & Picasso is partnering with Go-To Skincare this month for an International Self-Care Giveaway!

We believe self-care can be expressed in many ways including a skincare routine, spending quality time with family and friends, and painting your troubles away.

So, what is our giveaway with one of the biggest skincare brands in Australia? Well, it’s the Ultimate Self-Care Package! The winner will receive four tickets to your local Pinot & Picasso studio AND a Go-To DIY Facial Kit – sounds peachy to us! 

Our winner will be announced on July 25th. So, start manifesting, preparing your self-care ritual and check out which session you’d take yourself and three friends to!

How To Show Your Support For NAIDOC Week 2022

NAIDOC Week 2022
NAIDOC Week is celebrated by people from all walks of life, Indigenous and non‑Indigenous.

NAIDOC Week is a great opportunity to participate in a range of activities and to support and amplify the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

This year’s theme – Get up! Stand up! Show up! – encourages all of us to champion institutional, structural, collaborative, and cooperative change while celebrating those who have already driven and led change in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities over generations.

Want to get involved? Big or small, here are ways you can show your support this NAIDOC Week!


Aboriginal and Indigenous art goes beyond the paint on the canvas. Every artwork tells a unique and important story that is so personal to the artist. Show your support for this incredible art form by following artists on social media and maybe even purchasing their work!

Here are a few artists our P&P Team love!


We are so lucky in Australia that we have some incredible Aboriginal and Indigenous musicians killing the music scene. Some of our faves are Baker Boy, Thelma Plum, The Kid LAROI, Yothu Yindi, Briggs, Dan Sultan, Miiesha, and Jessica Mauboy!


Many local communities across the country are celebrating NAIDOC Week over the next few days. You can enter your postcode to see if any events are happening in your area here.

Are you running a NAIDOC event? You can also register your event here so others can celebrate with you. 


Knowledge is power, and what you do with that knowledge can be even more powerful. We encourage you to read about, learn, and listen to Indigenous stories. We believe many important lessons are immersed in the Aboriginal culture and history. 

Not sure where to start? Why not find out what Aboriginal land you are on? The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies has created a map of Indigenous Australia. It shows how we are made up of many different and distinct Aboriginal groups, each with its own culture, customs, language and laws. Find your land here. 

If you’re looking for more ways to get involved, check out this Global Citizen article!

NEW: 4 Artworks in Our Gallery!

Pinot & Picasso New Artworks
It’s been a while since our last artworks announcement, hasn’t it Picasso?

We’ve introduced some new artworks to our Artwork Gallery this month – they might look a little familiar! Get your paint brushes at the ready because these new paintings will be added to your Pinot & Picasso bucket list! 

We can’t wait any longer for you to see them – scroll down to see the artworks for yourself!

We’ve given some of your favourite artworks a little makeover, including Northern Lights, Havana Nights, Namaste and Wine O’Clock (previously known as Wine Time). 

Already painted these masterpieces? Nothing wrong with painting them again, especially with their refreshed looks! Book yourself a date with our artworks, your painting pal and your favourite bevvy in tow and join us for a cosy night in at our studios this winter!

Midweek Paint and Sip Sessions are Here!

Midweek paint and sip Pinot & Picasso
Struggling to find time on the weekend to catch up with your friends? We’ve got your solution!

Our Pinot & Picasso studios across the country are now running $49 Midweek Sessions! You can now paint, sip and socialise for two hours after work, uni or just for!

These Midweek Sessions can be run between Monday and Thursday and will be guaranteed fun with your family, friends or co-workers! 


So, you’re probably wondering – which artworks can you paint in two hours?

Here’s just a taste of what you can do! From stunning landscapes to cute creatures, you can release your inner Picasso to some of your personal favourite paintings! The nature of these artworks make it easy for you to unwind, chat with your friends and enjoy switching off from work!

Time to see which Midweek Sessions your local Pinot & Picasso studio is running! Click on the button below!


The King Has Arrived At Pinot and Picasso!

Elvis Presley Bendigo
The King of Rock and Roll is in the building! That’s right, Elvis Presley is our latest famous figures artwork to be added to our artwork gallery!

With the new Baz Luhrmann movie set to hit cinemas this month, it felt like the perfect time to pay homage to rock royalty and give our Picasso’s the man they’ve requested! 

Our ‘Elvis: The King’ is an artwork we know you Can’t Help Falling in Love with! It’s a colourful portrait that reflects Elvis perfectly – yellow for his creativity and incredible voice, green for his prosperity, blue for his confidence (who didn’t love his bedazzled jumpsuits), and purple for royalty! 

So, put on your Blue Suede Shoes, invite you favourite Hound Dog (don’t forget Nan!), and Shake, Rattle and Roll into your local Pinot & Picasso studio!

This icon is not only hitting the silver screen – he’s making a home in Bendigo at the Bendigo Art Gallery! 

The Elvis: Direct from Graceland exhibition has brought Elvis-mania to the entire town of Bendigo. From trams to cocktails, everyone can get a taste of the music icon, including at our Pinot & Picasso Bendigo studio! 

The blockbuster exhibition was even approved by Priscilla Presley. Her tick of approval has seen 300 pieces of his belongings (rhinestoned jumpsuits, a Harley Davidson, handwritten letters and sheet music) make a new home in Bendigo from Memphis. 

The Elvis: Direct from Graceland exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery is running until July 17. If you don’t make it to the exclusive collection, you can ease your Suspicious Minds and paint our Elvis: The King artwork at Pinot & Picasso Bendigo!

Pinot & Picasso
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