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What are the benefits?

Birthday points

Sign-up points

Free ticket

Birthday points

Sign-up points

Free ticket

Pinot & Picasso is all for enhancing our customer’s experience with our brand. With our new membership points program, you’ll receive some amazing benefits right from the start. You’ll receive 1000 points when you sign up for Pinot Points and when you celebrate another year around the sun. You’ll also get exclusive updates to new innovative creations coming to our studios. So, what are you waiting for?!

How Do Work?

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Pinot Points is our exclusive loyalty program that rewards our customers with every dollar they spend! Earn points by purchasing tickets to our classic Pinot & Picasso sessions, our private functions, grazing boards, Art Boxes and gift cards! Once you’ve built up enough points, you will earn yourself a free ticket! Watch to see how Pinot Points works!

Every $1 =
10 Points
4500 Points =
Free Ticket

Three Simple Steps

Join our Pinot Points program!

Earn your first 1000 points!

Continue to earn Pinot Points every purchase!

Join our Pinot Points program!

Earn your first 1000 points!

Continue to earn Pinot Points every purchase!

Discover the Pinot difference


For every $1 you spend, you will earn 10 Pinot Points!

The maximum Pinot Points you can earn in a month is 5,000.

In order to earn yourself a free ticket to a Pinot & Picasso session, you will need 4,500 Pinot Points.

You can convert your points at checkout.

Public Session Tickets, Private Functions, Exclusive & Flexi Gift Cards, and Grazing Boards all qualify for points!

Just for signing up to our Pinot Points program, you will receive 1000 points!

We will also give out points for birthdays, referrals, and completing surveys (only relevant for running campaigns). 

You cannot earn Pinot Points on the Pinot Guarantee, Flexi Gift Card fee, Booking fee and Virtual Functions.

4,500 Pinot Points provides a $59 discount at the checkout – We like to call that a free ticket! You can redeem this on either a Public or Private session ticket. If you wish to use if for a Private Function, you can use your Pinot Points on part of the deposit or balance for the event.

You can view your Pinot Points at either the Checkout or on your Account Page! 

At the Checkout, you will see how many points you need to redeem your free ticket. Once you have enough Pinot Points for a free ticket, you will have the option to redeem in the checkout. (Make sure you are signed in.)

On your Account Page, you will be able to see your Pinot Points history and how many points you have earned on each transaction. You will also be able to view your total points. 

Absolutely! You MUST be logged in to receive Pinot Points. You will have the option at the Checkout to log in to your account. 

If you are not logged in, you will not receive any Pinot Points. 

Your Pinot Points balance will expire after a three-year period, from when you last earned points.

Unfortunately, we are unable to backdate points on previous orders or purchases that have been already made for future sessions.

However, all existing customers & new customers will receive 1,000 free points in their account.

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