New Artworks Available This June

New June Artworks

The Pinot & Picasso Creative Team have been working tirelessly to give our valued customers a greater variety of artworks to satisfy every creative palette.  These include fresh new concepts, as well as some re-inventions of some P&P classics. 

Here are our top picks from our new release:

We love nothing more than paying homage to a powerful female figure in history. Cleopatra is all of that and much, much more. This artwork focuses on small details and sweeping strokes to create this masterpiece. You can thank P&P Byron Manager, Laurie Evans of this gem! 

Wine Not
Say hello to our new favourite wine based artwork – Wine Not! 

Wine Not allows you to paint what you love while matching it with your drink of choice. This fresh artwork was created by P&P Penrith Staff member, Kelsee Bruce.

Tiger King
If we learnt anything from our time in isolation, it’s that the world of the big cats has more to it than meets the eye. This top of the food chain predator was created by P&P Byron Manager, Laurie Evans.  

Plus loads more! Check out all our new artworks and find a session at your nearest studio here

Wine Not
Wine Not
Tiger King
Tiger King

New Website Who Dis?

New Website


When we told you we were coming back strong – we weren’t joking! 

The Pinot & Picasso Development Team has been working tirelessly to complete a complete re-skin of our existing website. We’re super excited to show you what we’ve been working on. Here are some of the features included in the new website:

Session Page Face Lift

Each of our studios session page has undergone some work, with new graphics and store specific information provided to give you a more in depth look at each location. This new format will make it easier for you to search for your favourite artworks, favourite studio or a time that suits you and your group best.


Artwork Tags
With our wide variety of artworks, we know it can be hard to choose just ONE that suits your and. your friends. We’ve added tags for every artwork to make it easier to choose which artwork to pick from, and even installed a ticket counter to give you a best indicator of the sessions which will. suit your party size.

Good for groups: Easy artworks with drying time; perfect for socialising and topping up your glass… 

Nature: Intermediate artworks with slightly more details focusing on animals, landscapes and flora. 

Around the world: Taking you on a trip around the world – without the airport cues or jet lag.

Detailed: Artworks that require more time and attention to nail the outcome.


Australia Wide Map
Finally, we’ve made it easier for you to locate your nearest studio. Say hello to our brand new map viewer. This beast. shows all of. our. existing studio locations so you can now easily locate your closest studio, or plan a holiday with a studio close to you! 

It’s been a pretty exciting few. months on our end, so we hope you all love the new website as much as we do! 

See you for a pinot soon!

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